Monday, March 2, 2009

Breaking News

Timothy Windmiller added me on Myspace, matter fact I can't believe he even has one. I literally laughed out loud when I found this in my inbox. You're looking at the star of Varisty for bellflower. Okay not really, he's the weakest 6'0 guy I've ever played with. I really don't know how he even made it to Varisty actually. I sound like an asshole for putting him out there, but it's just so damn funny. If you don't go to Bellflower, then you wouldn't find it as funny as I do. He gets pushed around too much by all of the basketball players though because he's weak and well sucks. He's an alright dude if you get to know him, except when he tries to be funny. That's the line I draw for having sympathy for him.

I stumbled upon this kid's Myspace after I accepted his friend's request. You're looking at the Valet Victorian of my class, hands down. I think he'd cry if he had an A- in a class. He's gonna be famous one day for having brains like his, if he's not famous then he'll still be rich as fuck. I can't believe he even had a Myspace, thought he would be too cool to have one. I figure he'd be playing a game or masturbating to his text books.


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