Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ponyboy's "08: BEST & WORST"

The Hundreds killed it this year. Sidekick LX. Rosewood Royale. Lil wayne. YO! SET. was the best blogspot. Grew a tail, and became a trend this year. ODB sweater. Arianne Balboa. Lakers v.s Celtics. The Cool Kids. Colored jeans got played out. Barack Obama. Dark Knight. Kanye West's new style of singing. Nike Blazers. Dom Kennedy. Beat the "Brothas" in basketball. Gas prices. Manny Pacquaio. Twilight hype. Copying. Riding my bike every morning in the summer to see my girlfriend. Economy went down. Alife Mids. Black shirts. OJ did it. Kaycee & Lian. Samuel bumped up to Varsity. Yogurtland in Cerritos Mall. Relationships. Rosewood Street Team meetings. Jerking is the new movement. Shit talking/beef. 2008 President Election. Wildfires. Nike Hyperdunks. Jordans sucked. Sbs sucked. Most shoes I usually would buy sucked. Photography. Micheal Phelps. Labels Closing down. Too much frontin.

2008 was a good year, but could have been better. Its alright, tomorrow will be a fresh start. I grew up more this year than last. It was nice knowing you 08, stay humble and true.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

PT. 2

Another family party for the other side of my fam.

This little nigga loves to sing Hannah Montana songs haha, hopefully he doesn't like girl flicks for too long.


Dun dun..Anthony and his girlfriend. She was a bit shy, more like really.


Lookin' like a Crook


Saturday, December 27, 2008


It was a long day lets just say there was a lot of walking, which was good. We ate at The Corner Place, the best place to ordered a Bulgoki Box.

As usual, Will Smith did not disappoint us. Seven Pounds was a good movie, but I can't really tell you much because well if I did I would give away the whole movie literally.Its a must see.


Thursday, December 25, 2008


Flying the yellow and purple rag everyday. By the way, Merry Christmas Shaq, Merry 5000th missed free throw & heart breaking lost thanks to Mason.

Stayed up last night wrapping my cousin's gifts. I think I'm the best elf, even thought it took me an hour to learn how to fold a box.


The only woman that will be in my life forever.

My cousins that I see on both sides of the family parties I go to.

Straight with shots then pop bottles.

More shots

I ate these mints the whole day. The texture and look of it is just like a Kiss, but softer & better.

Meet this fat dog Shylo.

Another family party on Saturday. More Christmas, more presents, more love, more money.



For all you kids that got that Christmas money can now spend it here at Rosewood Royale, only that not everything is 40% Off. There's new 10 Deep,Hellz Bellz, caps & more that have just came in.



Shit, I was fooled for a minute.I thought that was me haha.Spotted by Deezy

Ponyboy.Maybe if you see me around you can ask me to make that face and we'll see if I really do look like him haha or when I'm at Fairfax again I'll take one.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dedan The Man

One of the most inspirational people I know, even though we don't talk as much anymore.I'm still getting touched by his work and his work.I literally went bananas after this assembly.Follow his blog

Any resemblance?

I think so!


Monday, December 22, 2008


He sounds like Atmosphere, listen to the song "Good Guys".


Saturday, December 20, 2008


Went to Rosewood this morning for a haircut.Unfortunately, Francis wasn't in :(.

Man we need to hose the floor down.Too much smoking, too much spitting.

Meet Missy, Two-Bits dog.

Most lovable dog ever, before his game."I only want to stay on Varisty for the stuff, way better than JV.I smash in practice, but don't get any PT."

Off to Kays Family party wid the set.Too bad the girlfriend couldn't make it.
FUCKING Magic.2 games loosing streak for the Lakers, Fuck my life.



Go and check us out @! Dope website!
New flyer, whoa I wonder who got The Hundreds and Kid Robot in their head..

Don't forget 40% off the WHOLE store!

Come by Rosewood Barbershop/Royale, Ponyboy sent you!



Early day of school for winter break, Sodapop came over and took a nap before I went out.

Shoes for today.I like these, but I always forget I have them.

Yummy laces.

Hanging out with Derek is always fun.Plans were to watch a movie, ended just walking around laughing the whole time.Tried Five Guys Burgers for the first time and vented at Starbucks, as we checked out every kind of Honda.Went back to go see the girlfriend and Amy to chit chat for a bit.Got Tea Station and pushed it back to his place where we ran through Little India.

He wants a D-90 for Christmas.

Can't wait til he gets his license in a week.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nike Dunk Sb Cali VVVVNDS
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*I got some sz 9.5 Icy Blue Jordan 10s as well for 70 bucks, offer me a price and they're yours.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Its 12 A.M and I told my parents I was going to sleep after they ate too like 4 hours ago. My dad was trying to take all the pieces of steak with fat on it before I got to the table like when I came home and my steak had the fat cut off around it, not today tho. Good night mom & dad.

This is what I'm doing up, putting songs onto my ipod just so I don't have to listen to the same songs as I ride my bike to school and beat Defonsa in 1st period in who has better songs.Wu Tang Clan,Weezy,Notorious? I'm shittin on him.

Nastiest tea ever. What was I thinking trying to be spontaneous by adding the raspberry and not notice it was DIET.Stick to CITRUS.

On Youtube before I went to sleep watching some favorite videos. I miss freshman year and playing basketball at Two-Bit's everyday. We always wanted to finish the "YO!set Fundamentals of Basketball", but never got to it. Best times. Speaking of basketball, Two-Bit got moved up from JV to Varsity recently good job.
Here's the link if you care to watch it:

GoodNyte faggots.