Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Happppppy Birthday Girfriend =) I hope you liked my present i got you,last friday together,visit bfore school, and day together yesterday.I hung out wid her alot before her birthday, but didn't see her on her actual bday bummmer haha all good tho.I saved up along time to get her present and was def worth it and to treat her out to dinner.I woke up at 6 and left at 7 to go visit her before school started on Monday haha, and we kicked it yesterday at the streetteam meeting and after, it was all fuuun haha.So like she wanted to take me wid her,C.Nation,Amy,her sister and Joe shmo how to eat right, and i guess she was waitign for them to come home, but i thought she wasn't gna take me cos she wasn't responding for awhile.turns out I fell asleep like a DUMBASS and she IM'd me 10mins later tryna wake me up thru txt,IM,and calling but i didn't pick up.I was suuuppper sad man, still am that i couldn't see her on her birthday, but i know she had fun widout me hhaha just wish i was there anyways haha soweeeee.Its alrite tho, shes knows i woulda loved to be there to celebrate wid em, HAPPPY BIRTHDAY tho Yaaaan, Love yah =)

yeaaah looked like alotta fun too haha


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jumper crackin at Lians today

Went to church,ate out,watched Igor, and Seafood Palace wid my parents.After went to Lians for his little bros early celebration wid his fam.YUUUUP, Jumper was fun playing 4 corners + sending eachother picture messages No homo!


Big L




Saturday, September 27, 2008


Rotation for this week.Og Shadow 10s,Blooded Vans,Purple Prisons,White 5s,Tuks

After school my dad picked me up and went to go eat @ Pho.On our way home, we picked up Yaaan Yan to go to my house.We kicked it for a bit shared some laughs then I got ready and we went out to go eat at TGIF since we've always talked about eating there on an actual FRIDAY haha.Turns out the food was as good as she explained.My girlfriend and I recommend the Fried Mac and Cheese! After we went to Ulta to buy some products, i like going shopping wid her for her body/health supplies its fun no homo haha.She's got me more into maintaining myself and having a healthier/cleaner lifestyle, thanks Yan! haha.

she gets concentrated in these kind of stores, book stores as well.

My girlfweeeend's birthday present, a Tens hoody.Her brithday is in 3 more days, but i wanted to give it her today.I broke it out while saying,"Its going to be cold toniiiOte and you don't have a jacket!" her:"I know someone should give me one to wear ;]]" me:"I know huh then pulled it out from under and said Happy Brithday!" + a kissss haha.I'm glad she liiiOked it.Love youu Yaaan Yan!



UNDEFEATED is here! (Only store in the area that carries Undefeated!)

For the Ladies!

Kid Robot!

Hellz Bellz! (best women streetwear brand to me)



For more info (sizes,prices) contacts us @ Myspace.com/rosewoodroyale or hit me up!


Monday, September 22, 2008


Oh boy you're just too fitted, aren't you.

Lookin like a pack of wolves ate your legs!

Jordan 8s for school today

My dad picked me up after school to go buy my mommy a mango cake, because today is her brithday =) I love you mother.After we went to Yoshinoya to eat a snack as usual when he has a day off haha.

When I came home, I found out Flyin Ryan was an employee at Rosewood starting today.Wanted to pay him a visit on his first day sorta haha.Congrats buddy!

The BIG BO$$ FRANCIS with the Undefeated hat and Hesco.

Some cats rolled up on their bikes to chill.Made a new friend today, ^the black boy in the picture.Sup Deandre! haha

Came home then my dad and I picked up my mom from work to take her out to Thai BBQ.I love you mommmmmmy =) You're the best mommmmah in the world FTW! Happy Birthday!

Who's more handsome? My dad keeps insiting, hes soooo guapo..yeaaa rightttt old man haha.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sundays with the rents

Woke up @ 8 o'clock to a bloody nose after I blew my nose.Stayed in bed for a good 15 minutes trying to recover.At 9 o'clock I went to church early for like the first time since I was 10 haha and the mass went by fast today.I guess because today we sat in seats not standing up in the back, gets tiring stand there for an hour or so haha.

Went to Imperial Manderian Chinese Resturaunt after Church to eat.

Went to South Coast Plaza with my parents to chill and shop around.Pretty dope model made out of food cans inspired from Wally.I felt like karate kicking or jump kicking through those cans and ill be in the middle and barried inthose cans haha.It was assembled very well, looks just like the movie haha.



Tuks today.

After the mall, woke up in the parking lot of Pinoy Pinay and had some Halo Halo, and a combo meal haha.By 6 o'clock had 3% left of battery on Sidekick, fuck my battery fuck it real hard.