Friday, February 27, 2009

Follow the street signs

We kick it in Vario Norwalk Homles.

G.HIGHHHHH. Ghar beat Golden Valley at Cerritos College 90-79. We going to State? And Yeah I said, "We" even thought I don't attend the school. Honda Center is where the game is going to be held at I believe. Ghar got it crackin. First the Hurley Fashion Show with Murs, and now CIF in basketball.

Can't get this off now, can you?


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One word: Creativity

If you've got a creative side to you, you'll always win. If you've got creativity then you'll make it in this fucked up economy, because jobs usually look for the people who can get the job done the best. That's why I love art. It gives us a chance to express our uniqueness in us we all hold. Top criminals, best basketball players, best poets, best brands, best commercials, they all had to have some creativity in them.

In the words of the reps from FIDM, "The kids who are usually doodling or drawing in class, rather than taking notes are usually the most creative ones because you find any way to express yourself through art." Yeah, that's the homie Deezy.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

To set my mood

Murs does the job, always. Whether its girls just playing with my head, simpin', break ups and a whole lot of what the fucks. Because everyone got their ups and downs with their partners or relationships or whatever kind of bull shit you're in and these two songs just put me in a good mood. The Hurley Walk the Walk fashion at the House of Blues today for Ghar Highschool had an guest appearance by Murs live.


New Spring Lines

A lot of the spring lines are arriving at the shop as we speak. (The Hundreds, 10Deep, Stussy, Fresjive, & etc.) We're having a sale for a short period of time, buy 1 tee get 2nd 50% off, buy 2 tees get the 3rd free. Common sizes do tend to go fast, so come by and pick up your size before they're all gone. A couple of new brands will be making its way into the shop soon as well..


Sunday, February 22, 2009

YO vs. BRO game

20 bucks each they they didn't pay up. Longest game ever, we played up to 50 and won. Check this. I got a cramp, while making a lay up. Then when my cramp went away, I was putting on a pair of shoes and cramped up again. Defensive player of the year! Good ol Summer days.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

If you don't know, now you know nigga.

Courtesy of Still got love for Chris Brown, even though he's a dick for doing such a thing. He just had to go out with a bang.


Go Phoenix Suns

Bro's mohawk for tonight.


Afghan Gooey

I have to admit, a lot of my pictures from my posts look like they are always at the same place. For example, we ended up at Guppies again aka "The Home of YO!set". We called it that because well, they're always taking our money. There's always a fun twist to when we go out and be spontaenous. Here's a little taste of what a day with us would be like.

Deezy found a big ass rock infront of someone's house and dished it in the middle of the street. Funniest thing ever to watch 2 cars jump in the air from running over the car.

Sam makes the best Lloyd face from the video Girls All Around the World.

Twistin up my blunt thinkin bout my next dolla.

Like I said, thinkin about my next dolla.

Caught this guy at Del Taco, while waiting for my parents. The dude was OG, straight up cartoons out of a portable remote looking TV.

He managed to carry around his house on a bicycle.

For The WIN


Thursday, February 19, 2009


Deezy picked up Two-Bit and I to go for a ride after school. Stopped by Dolphin bay for a boba special and got the Jenga game crackin.

New stereo, bumpin those insrumentals and got the freestyles going.

EK as fuck

EVO as fuck

Raping the dolphins, no animal cruelty intended though.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Anoop is going to go all the way in this competition. Even if the judges talk shit about how he dresses. SMH. The dude is swaggin and gotta voice.


Sunday, February 15, 2009


I'm not much of a Blackberry person more of a Sidekick, but why would Blackberry come out with a flip version? I know it all means well because I've seen commercial about not worrying about whether or not you're going to press buttons that weren't meant to be pressed. In my opinion, Blackberries should be left to look like the business handhelds they are. I mean it's just not going to be the same pulling out your Blackberry and having to flip it. Smh.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday XIII

How is AJ gonna eat a lunchables in Gupps? Down.

I need a Valentines date for tommorow.


Monday, February 9, 2009


NOT. Lamar was definitely going to work today.

"You ain't shit you fucking gorilla, I put up more points than you and I was sick."

HA. Lakers beat both the Cav and Celtics, what else can you guys ask for? & on the road? Come on we're on a 6 road game winning streak without Bynum. See either team in the championship.


Also Known As

AndeeeeezyTHO: people stop calling you mucio
ponyboy2 y o s e t: Lolll
AndeeeeezyTHO: [AWAY] Long Beach
ponyboy2 y o s e t: I know fuck
ponyboy2 y o s e t: What happened
AndeeeeezyTHO: ima call you mucio now
AndeeeeezyTHO: shit iono
ponyboy2 y o s e t: I ws js abt to IM you sayin
ponyboy2 y o s e t: Where u frmmmm
ponyboy2 y o s e t: Haha
AndeeeeezyTHO: tahaaha
ponyboy2 y o s e t: I dnt even get called kevin
ponyboy2 y o s e t: Lol
AndeeeeezyTHO: I know
AndeeeeezyTHO: put this shit on your blog
ponyboy2 y o s e t: I will
AndeeeeezyTHO: I like being recognized

This IM from Andy made me laugh. For some reason the first two things what were on my mind were "hm..I get called Ponyboy by everyone" and "Ima IM Andy for havin LB in his away". It all started last year when Soda, 2Bit, and I picked parts and a few weeks later I was being called Ponyboy by everyone. Everywhere I go, even school I'm being called that. I don't have a problem with it, but it just made me reminisce times when people would call me by my last name or full name. I guess people found it catchy or remember able to always be called that.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Obey Arrested.

"BOSTON (Feb. 7) - A street artist famous for his red, white and blue "Hope" posters of President Barack Obama has been arrested on warrants accusing him of tagging property with graffiti, police said Saturday.
Shepard Fairey was arrested Friday night on his way to the Institute of Contemporary Art for a kickoff event for his first solo exhibition, called "Supply and Demand."

Obey used to be one of my first favorite brands before it got mainstream. The whole concept of the brand is what I liked the most and how he got famous. I respect him for still doing his thing and hitting the streets with the slaps and wheat pasting, yet still got a brand on the side. I like Obey for its whole graffiti purpose more than the clothing. Most people that rock Obey don't know the first thing about the brand. Shepard Fairey stayed true to his art, wish him the best.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Take Note.

If you are a real homie of mine then you should already know my strong affection for onions. I'm not trying to saying I'm in love with onions and it revolves around my life, but when it comes to food onions are a big deal. Onions have got to be my favorite vegetable hands down. Every order I get I always have to have extra onions on my order. If you came with me to Subway to get my Tuna Foot Long you'd hear me ask for extra onions and say "more" about 5 times, literally. I eat 2 In N Out Double Doubles with extra onions and that always hits the spot, but the scent stays in my body the whole day even when I brush my teeth sometimes. The whole concept that an onion can do to food is magic. It brings the food to life with its spicy, tenderness, & great odor..okay maybe not that. If a girl cannot hang with my onion fetish, she cannot hang with Pony, period. There's a hamburger patty buried somewhere beneath them.



All these other niggas mean muggin, but they don't do nothin.


Ya'll make it rain, I make it pour.

Yesterday was the driest Friday yet this year, but the wettest one at the same time. Even my Aim Buddy List was dead. My mom and I went on a date after school to pay some bills last minute and eat out at Red Robin. When we came home we all went straight to the chapel where my cousins fiance, Marcus, body was at. After, I got dropped off at Two-Bits pad where I was supposed to play my favorite game Grand Theft Auto 4, but those assholes kept playing Call of Duty. I didn't get to play the game, we ended up kicking it with the Hot Boyz.

We went on a jounrey to AM PM later in the night. Couple of blacks, ding dong ditches, & runaway ditching.

You already know how we do it. Anytime, Anyplace, Any donuts shop we there.