Sunday, June 28, 2009

TH: Nathan Nice x Dom Kennedy Freestyle

After the first time I watched this video I was hooked on it for some reason. You know when there's something on Youtube that you continuously keep going back to watch? Yeah this is one of those videos. I just liked how the whole vibe when they're free styling. Reminded me of my friends and I..when we don't fuck up of course haha. The part where Dom said, "I'm about to drop a album, or maybe a tape. You goin get it early, and he goin get late. Dom Kennedy and I'm FUCKIN WITH NATE." I just loved their reaction and how it flowed, had me saying "OHHHH!!!" too haha.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Laker Swag.

We from L.A so you know our kick game is always on point. Peep Kobe's Jordan One's. I know most people that are into sneakers like me love that shoe. D Fish rockin some high top mystery shoes. My boy "Threeza" rockin some bowlin type looking shoes, but I'm pretty sure they're some Gucci shoes. Look expensive. Good thing Lamar isn't in the picture though, would have killed it with one of his dumb cowboy suits he wears or something.



Last night I learned how to play Uno and we played til we fell asleep. Other than our Ninja game, we've started to play Uno now. We stayed in on a Friday and played Uno, but I aint mad! We had one game last for one complete hour and I had to draw about 52 cards in one game.

By the way, that's Deezy in his younger days on the fridge. All the way at the bottom above the ice.

2 Bit was showing us what he plans on doing at the next party. Says he will either start to salsa dance with a girl or do the Carlton.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rest In Peace King of Pop.

I wasn't the biggest MJ fan growing up, but I still had respect for the guy. His music is still dope overall. I listened to a lot of his songs on the radio today since they had his hits on repeat. The plastic surgeries and molestation cases, never changed the fact that he was one of the best music artist in the world. Respect.
"There will always be the next Michael Jordan like Kobe Bryant, but there will never be the next Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley".


Cleavland Indians.

Times like this when I'm bored I whip out my sketch book and start drawing. In my free time I start drawing up anything on my mind or actually start drawing where ever I am sometimes. Never really matters what I draw on either. If I have to I'll start drawing on walls and with maybe some paint. I drew up one of my favorite hats laying around, the Cleavland Indians. Out of all the MLB team logos, Indians are my favorite. The logo is just catchy and not many people wear it. I ran out of room for his left cheek to pop out and of course his feather so I had to cut it out of my book.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Who Dropped Their Crayons?

Yeah..enough said. The intro is too funny. Had me for hours on. I guess looking this bright is considered swaggin now a days hahaha.



The movie Blow was too real. I don't really want to say much because I don't want to spill the story, but one of my favorite things about the movie was it was based in 80's. Sometimes I wish I grew up in the 80's where everything was more pure than it is today. It's also a drug based movie, which are always most interesting to me. Go rent it.


Monday, June 22, 2009


I wanna do the BAD with Megan GOOOOOOOD.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

New/Up Coming Clothing Brands.

I find most new/up coming clothing brands very annoying. I hardly ever see brands now a days with any originality. It goes from one same design then there next design will just have a little spice from the previous one and then make a bunch of colorways thinking they will all sell. It's kind of annoying when they try promoting it, but I mean it's hard to get people to buy or get it out there because it's not anything we've seen before. For example most of the shirts off of The brands may not be new, but damn how many shirts do people have to make that always has to deal with shoes.
"King" of Kicks woooo. Oh cement print inside the crown..I've never seen that before.

Dumb slogan. comment

Nothing against new/up coming brands because I plan on starting mine soon and I know everyone else has the same passion for clothes. So I'm all for aspiring brands and people willing to put their time and effort to do so. It's just it wouldn't hurt to try and be a bit different and not bite off everything else dope you see. When Rosewood had our booth at World of Dance there was one building for the stage and the other was for booths of clothes and a couple of stages for performances. As I walked around the booths, there were a lot of up and coming brands people started. I noticed I saw a lot of the same styles of tees. I figured no wondered they're only 12.00, but hey that how it is first when starting off for the first time. Over time progress will be made..well hopefully.


Happy Fathers Day.

My dad and I gotta special bond I'd say. He's like a brother to me. We go everywhere together and I'm always with my parents if I'm not with my bros. We went biking around and I biked up to the bike shop, but he wasn't open. Bust. Green seat and I don't know what color grips yet.

Mmmmm the best. Taro boba because Dolphin was too far away.


Andy's Shinding.

The guys and I all went to Andy's shinding for his birthday at his house today. Had a some laughs at the table and just lounged. Played a little 2k9 in his room, while some of us bombed his board.

Hot Boy Robert in his Enjoi tee made by me. Ponyboy with his red hair made by Hot Boy Robert.

We made our way around the block to Two Bit's house to go hoop. Just because we're hoopers always feen'in to hoop I guess. The birthday boy Andeeezy mean muggin it.

Yessir Dedan the man was ballin up as well. You know he had to spit some words and recite a few poems haha.

Be sure to keep up with Deezy's blog as well.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bless You.

No need to say "bless you" after you sneeze because I've recently discovered a new method to stop sneezing. As soon as you're about to sneeze say, "pineapple". It has to be right about you're about to "AH CHU!" or not during. Before. It may sound stupid, but it works. I laughed right after I tried it and worked then called Two Bit to tell him it really does work too.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Science Fair.

Damon and I were partner for our science fair. Our science fair was based on testing our heart rate when watching 3 different genre of movies and test which one would speed up our heart rate the most. Our hypothesis was it would be Horror, but it was actually comedy. We watched 40 Year Old Virgin, Silence of the Lamb, and The Notebook. I could understand why 40 Year Old Virgin won though, that movie had me laughing the whole time. This was all done in 2 days. Damon helped me brain storm the project, while I myself drew up, cut everything and basically re wrote our paragraphs. We got a B+. I was fucking proud of my project at the end for how much effort I spent on it and it made the sci fair.

Oh yeah another memorable thing about this project beside last min procrastination success was when we experienced the earthquake together. I saw death written all over Damon's face.


Monday, June 15, 2009

It's Only The Beginning

It's only the beginning of another 3-Peat. You heard it first here.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Turtle's Crib.

My friend Turtle from Gramps Crew made a segment of his "Cribs" on Youtube. Turtle is the funniest fat person you'll ever meet. He also stay rocking Crooks and Castles everyday so he must be fresh to show his crib in Lynwood haha.



AndeeeeezyTHO: You know when they take time outs
ponyboy2yoset: Wha bout it
AndeeeeezyTHO: They just talk about what size ring they're gonna get
ponyboy2yoset: Tahaahaha
AndeeeeezyTHO: And what they're gonna wear to the parade
AndeeeeezyTHO: Tahahaha
ponyboy2yoset: Damn
AndeeeeezyTHO: That's how LA niggas go
ponyboy2yoset: thas how la we gotta do it big


Welcome to the Studio.

Here is our studio that we just put together yesterday at Two Bit's. A Rockband Mic and some Speakers from the laptop.

Then we take it to the car our favorite place to rock the mic and shoot on each other, while instrumentals play.

Mmmmm munchies again. Got that Jumbo Jack at 1 in the morning.