Saturday, August 30, 2008


Sometimes arguments aren't worth everything.Last night I guess my girlfriend and I were arguing, over nothing? or something really stupid bcos I kept saying "talk".She ended up being pissed at me the whole night, and well it led to this...=\

I wish that none of this ever happened, maybe if i didn't piss her off it wouldn't have happened.All I know is she hates my guts now and prolly doesn't ever wna talk to me again.Honestly, If it was my Sidekick and I broke it, I'd be piss too but its a material and I mean I broke it so I can only be mad at myself.I don't think it shoulda led to this tho, i mean its a fone I'm not worth it.


DeeZy with his first haircut after 6 months

haha took us like 3 hrs to cut that shit off.Anthony and Lian cut it, while I was a lovely assistant to brush off Derek's hair off his face for him haha.

Lian's lil brother KyleMy work station.


Happy Bday EEKA!

On Thursday, We went VIP buffet wid everyone.Happy birthday Eeka aka best personality dog! haha hope you had a good 16.

Everyone posted it in the parking lot til 11, sitting in cars and listening to music and watching wreckless drivers drive haha.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Caught slippin"

Today started off goood, was with the girlfriend at her house.As we were on this very blog of mine, her dad called around 12.Which was weird cos it was only 12 and he comes home around 3.Then it comes out hes HOME.FUCK.and my bikes in the back, so that isn't suspicious now is it? aha.So Chowder came over to help us get me out, i hid in the closet for like a good 45 minutes.and i could hear his feet walking all over the house.We went wid their plan, Chowder comes over so it seems like shes the only walking around in her room, Celena comes over to ring the door bell, then I jump out her window and jet, and I JETTED, in 2 seconds i was on my bike to In n Out, literally haha.I got out safe wid out her dad seeing me, thank god.sounds dandy? Heres the catch NOW.Celena knocked on the door right after I jetted, so her dad didn't see me.Chowder and Arianne walked out and ws like can i go outside wid chowder? then her dad ws like, why? so that boy can jump out the window and i won't see cos Celenas here and I won't see? FUCK, pops knew the whole plan huh? haha.Celenas tried covering for Yan cos she was crying, but eventually got Yan to confess."I coulda went in there and killed that boy!" haha fuck, i guess im, cos i was trying to make a good impression on her parents too and hopefully meet her dad and be coooo wid em.guess that'll have to wait a while ha.My plan was for Chowder to come over and act like the bike was her bro's or cousin's right away then leave wid the bike, then i'd stay inside the closet til her dad's in the room or far enuff from her room then ill jump out her window and run so it wouldn't slow me down.The catch to that plan would be is, if her dad still has the instinct that theres a boy he might actually come in after and search the room, and find me and prolly REGULATE on my ass haha.Today was HECTIC as FUCK tho haha, but everyone makes mistakes and these kinna things happen, Oh well.Thanks Celena and Chowder for helping us out even tho you guys were busy haha, we owe you guys or Yan will? haha.After that we all met up at the end of the next st, I enjoyed my In n Out burger while we talked abt what happened and such haha. I guess you can say R.KELLY MUCH? hahaha.The get away vehicle.My everything.

After, Chowder and Celina left to practice and my girlfriend and I biked to visit our favorite person.Oh yes, Amy haha.Where I decorated my new cute Poke Buddy for my myspace and watched What's Eating Gilbert Grape and The Butterfly Effect.Two very great and intense movies I must say haha.After those movies, I dropped my bayyybeh home and on my way I hear "PONYBOY!...FUCK PONYBOY!" haha.I thot they were some friends some school, so I just ignored it cos I didn't feel like turning back around haha.A minute later I get a fone call from a weird #, turns out it was Jonat from Rosewood/T-$quad.Haha random as fxck, haven't seen that nigga in a long time cos he hasn't been at the shop lately but I'll prolly see him more often since he lives right by my girlfriend haha.We caught up and talked for a bit, ended up getting picked up there by my dad cos it got dark and was lazy haha.Today was a very Intense/Hectic day, but in the end it was all good and fun ahah.Loooove you bayyybeh.

Came home to eat my special Ponyboy Recipe.




-2 pieces of ham


Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Today I went to Registration @ my school @ 10.After we dropped my mom home to get ready then my dad and I went to eat Bulgoki for Lunch.I was txting Ariyawwwn to see if she wanted to see me now, turns out she changed her mind haha.So I got dropped off and went to her registration wid her.Sadly, no pics of us today :( very disappointed, but its okay our day was more important than this haha.We walked to her school all layte, and came when there was like a 100 kids in line waiting,luckily her ass cut, BUT she couldn't get her schedule cos she had a book out still.She thought C.Nation would come thru for her, but she wasn't there haha.Luckily, while we were sitting there WAAAH'n, C.Nation popped out and was like gimme your papers and i guess got Yan her schedule for her since she was working haha.After Registration, we went back to my house to go swimming.She sucked @ Marko Polo ahaha.Its okay I kept chasing her in the pool lol.After we got out, my dad made us hot wings, and I bought Chicken Fettucini Pasta, and then POPPED BOTTLES (Arizona to drink), and watched Fresh Prince from the dining table haha.Today was a fun day wid my girlfriend, thank you :) I told you we'd go swimming and have dinner just like I wanted to! haha whatta great idea huh baberssss.Love you Yaaan Yan.
Like father like son.My dad's KHS

Nothin like a fresh cut huh Lian

Our barber Francis wasn't here this whole week, so a friend of mine cut our hair haha.Did a pretty good job,10 bucks.After our haircut, we went to my house after deciding on what to do and ended up doing nothing but fun ahah.ate and watched bball wid my dad, then we started talking about girls and his life since he can't open up to me ;( jkay.but yeah fuck him for leaving me for Ghar, who am i supposed to argue wid @ skool now ? esp in the mornings:[[[.I'm making him get a cut TWICE a week now instead of one hahaha.We were suprising Sam and AYEE!set, but they ended up finding us waaah haha.
Carol and her UNKLES.My niggah Big L


Cheese Cake Factory

Sunday night My bro and I went to go hang out wid my cousin and her bf.We drove to her house and we all drove in her car and went to Cheese Cake Factory to eat to celebrate my birthday.We had a good time telling stories,bonding, and just having fun like we always do at fam parties.I think ima start hanging out wid my cousins more often instead of js whenever i see them at parties haha.

We stayed at my cousins house til 3 having serious talks and reading what our zodiac signs say haha.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

"The good ol' Days"

Yesterday turned out to be a good day instead of a hot/skunked one.My girlfriend and I went on a date around 8 o'clock.Its been awhile since we've just hugn out for the night haha cos usually we hang out the whole entire day.It gave me that feeling I used to get when we were still talking haha.Cold Winter Nights, she wouldn't bring a jacket so I'd give her mine, and went on dates every Friday or Saturday night during school haha.Don't get me wrong, I love seeing her everyday its just before we only saw eachother for the night and i remember the feeling on going on those dates haha.We've been together for half a year and im really happy wid her.We watched The Mummy, but i didn't really pay attn to the movie,being wid her was better haha.We ate Yogurtland and 5 gummy bears aka our future family, while i fed her some yogurt and put some on her nose ahha.Love you bayyyybeh

Oh yeah my gf didn't apporve of my Hundreds tee, but she let me slide this one time cos ot wasn't that bad haha, she won't let me wear shirts wid naked girls on em she hates it haha.i love you tho <3



Friday I finally turned the big ONE-FIVE haha.Thursday night, Soda and 2bit slept over and were first to say happy bday in person, then my bro, lian called me first, then ariyawwwn.I went to Bolsa Chica wid YO!set,mom, and Chanelle,Carol, & Christhang.thanks! my gf didn't get to make it :( but its alrite she made it up to me when we went out las nyte haha.

Just taking out some newbsDeezy sacking Sodapop and maybe showing off sodas sack as well lmao

YO!set full effectYO!set Fundamentals of Basketball Lian's house after the beach,Sodapop,Ponyboy,bigL venting time when the girls left.It was a good brithday for me, thanks YO!set and girls who came and everyone that greeted me!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 2

This afternoon, I got up and went to Yaaan Yan's to get ready so we can watch a movie later.We watched Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 2, it was a good movie.It was kinna sad, but the movie wasn't sad to me, it just made me think of my life and made me sad haha. After the movies, we went to Ohana bcos Yan wanted some chicken, so i helped her finish it cos she can't hang wid the big boys..okay maybe she can eat more than me haha.
After eating, we biked to Amy's house where we listened to Amy's Korean music to "get a party started" haha.She gave me some frozen coconut juice that I had to wait like 20 mins just to defrost so she boiled it haha.I got picked up around 7:45 and went home.Today was fabulous.Love you Bayyybeh.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Car broke down

Today I went to Two-Bit's house to see Soda's new dog, Pooches.
Tommy and I had a fun time playing wid Pooches, well at least she did haha.
The guys were playing some Madden 09 while we played with Pooches, and Tommy texting all of our friends on our fones ahaha.
Robert left to his appt for his job after playing Madden, then called Tommy saying his car broke down.So after dropping off Tommy's friend we came to rescue to keep him company on the side of the 710 haha.
SketchpadxYO!setxHotboyzxhes a hood hopper haha
After all of that stress, yet fun "blogging" wid Tommy, we came back to Two-Bit's to play some chess.
Seceretly took a picture of Tommy.YES! another victim, im putting everyone back in my heroes on myspace haha.Tommy is my 4th and cutest one ;)
I think Sodapop had a little bit more fun with the dog than Tommy and I haha.
Ponyboy or Two-Bit? Who's the cutest YO!SET?
PONYBOY? what? yeaaaaah PONYBOY
TWO-BIT? who? NEVAH haha.
Two-Bit was supposed to go hangout wid some of his friends from Cerritos that we weren't "invited to" so he had to lie lmao.We all ended up balling at Mayfair Park, thing is when we got there weren't any lights.So we played 1 game and started arguing about where to play, and its Jason's fault, and how are we all going to fit in the car.In the end I dropped Lian and Jason back home and I picked up my bike @ Two-Bit's and raced my paren'ts back home haha.Lost by a minute =( oh well.Lets ride! Today was a good day YAY! I got another sleeping picture, this time wid Tommy YAY! tommorow see my bayybeh YAY! and on Friday I'm turning another 15 YAY!