Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Caught slippin"

Today started off goood, was with the girlfriend at her house.As we were on this very blog of mine, her dad called around 12.Which was weird cos it was only 12 and he comes home around 3.Then it comes out hes HOME.FUCK.and my bikes in the back, so that isn't suspicious now is it? aha.So Chowder came over to help us get me out, i hid in the closet for like a good 45 minutes.and i could hear his feet walking all over the house.We went wid their plan, Chowder comes over so it seems like shes the only walking around in her room, Celena comes over to ring the door bell, then I jump out her window and jet, and I JETTED, in 2 seconds i was on my bike to In n Out, literally haha.I got out safe wid out her dad seeing me, thank god.sounds dandy? Heres the catch NOW.Celena knocked on the door right after I jetted, so her dad didn't see me.Chowder and Arianne walked out and ws like can i go outside wid chowder? then her dad ws like, why? so that boy can jump out the window and i won't see cos Celenas here and I won't see? FUCK, pops knew the whole plan huh? haha.Celenas tried covering for Yan cos she was crying, but eventually got Yan to confess."I coulda went in there and killed that boy!" haha fuck, i guess im, cos i was trying to make a good impression on her parents too and hopefully meet her dad and be coooo wid em.guess that'll have to wait a while ha.My plan was for Chowder to come over and act like the bike was her bro's or cousin's right away then leave wid the bike, then i'd stay inside the closet til her dad's in the room or far enuff from her room then ill jump out her window and run so it wouldn't slow me down.The catch to that plan would be is, if her dad still has the instinct that theres a boy he might actually come in after and search the room, and find me and prolly REGULATE on my ass haha.Today was HECTIC as FUCK tho haha, but everyone makes mistakes and these kinna things happen, Oh well.Thanks Celena and Chowder for helping us out even tho you guys were busy haha, we owe you guys or Yan will? haha.After that we all met up at the end of the next st, I enjoyed my In n Out burger while we talked abt what happened and such haha. I guess you can say R.KELLY MUCH? hahaha.The get away vehicle.My everything.

After, Chowder and Celina left to practice and my girlfriend and I biked to visit our favorite person.Oh yes, Amy haha.Where I decorated my new cute Poke Buddy for my myspace and watched What's Eating Gilbert Grape and The Butterfly Effect.Two very great and intense movies I must say haha.After those movies, I dropped my bayyybeh home and on my way I hear "PONYBOY!...FUCK PONYBOY!" haha.I thot they were some friends some school, so I just ignored it cos I didn't feel like turning back around haha.A minute later I get a fone call from a weird #, turns out it was Jonat from Rosewood/T-$quad.Haha random as fxck, haven't seen that nigga in a long time cos he hasn't been at the shop lately but I'll prolly see him more often since he lives right by my girlfriend haha.We caught up and talked for a bit, ended up getting picked up there by my dad cos it got dark and was lazy haha.Today was a very Intense/Hectic day, but in the end it was all good and fun ahah.Loooove you bayyybeh.

Came home to eat my special Ponyboy Recipe.




-2 pieces of ham


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