Tuesday, August 12, 2008

They found Missy!

This morning I woke and rode my bike to Yaaan Yan's, the usual.I ate In n Out and we sat there for like 30 mins talking.After that i rode her on my pegs back home to my house, cos her fatbutt didn't wna ride her own bike haha.We watched Semi Pro, funny ass movie.I bought her fatttttbutt Wingstop and tried the new Sorbetto drink @ Startbucks.It was a good drink, but it was too small for 2.95.I mean big wooooo! bcos its from Pinkberry aha.After she ate, I busted another mission rode her on my pegs to Amy's.Two-Bit,$oda Pop, and Liannn were calling me asking if I was gna ball bcos it was game that we were supposed to play yesterday.I felt like I was letting them down, and my original plan was just to hang out wid "the girls" til it got a lil dark, bcos i thot it woulda been too dark for me to ride back home bcos i had no other way of getting babyyeh home.Soo..I dropped her off, sed hi and stuff, then biked to Rosewood Park and asked my dad if he can pick me up later and bring the bike rack, bcos I was playing ball after I brought her home haha.So I got to see my 2 Favorites :) YO!set and Yaaan Yan.We played NbK, won 1 lost 1.Still got one more game so it'll be best 2 out of 3 for Gatorades? ahha.And Lian,Two-Bit I hope you're reading this cos I had this all planned out, I came thru!! am I slick or whaaat! haha so Lian don't be mad @ me :( WAAAAH.Love you Lian,Two-Bit,Sodapop,Anthony, no homo haha & My girlfriend.

& They found Missy in the Pound today!!! YAYYYY!!! right in time when their parents came back from their vaction, they called and said they have Missy! haha, I shall come visit her sooon.

Btw, does anyone know the story behind the Chucacabra?

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