Thursday, August 14, 2008

Biking wid Soda Pop

This afternoon, I biked to Soda's house, then we went to Cerritos Auto Square to pick up some money then went back down that hill to eat Yoshinoya.Basically I biked all around for Yoshinoya? haha I guess nigggga Biking is Biking, lets riP! After that we both split up, I biked to Two-Bits and he went to Crystal's to see a dumb dog lol.I saw Missy @ TwoBits, but she was sick :( When Jason came back we picked up the rest of the set, Lian and DeeeZy.Lian rode me on the pegs,Derek and Jason rode eachother, and Two-Bit rode a skateboard haha.We were supposed to go visit Ecaca, but that didn't happen? haha we ended up swimming @ my house, where we took showers together after no effin homo ahha.Derek got picked up.We went back to Lian's, where it was Ponboy & Soda v.s. Lian & Two-Bit.We smasheD!, but lost by game point cs i wanted to make them feel good hahahaha.YO!set ouT!


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