Friday, August 1, 2008

Beach wid Yaaan Yan

Yesterday, I went to Seal beach wid my bayyybeh.It was alot of fun we didn't swim as much, but we had fun anyways laying in the sand, and barrying eachother haha.After the beach we went to go eat @ Ruby's, where there was horrible service.bastards made us wait 20 mins to take our order and we kept telling them to take our order, NO TIP! haha.Its all good tho, the food was good, and i had a good time wid Yaan Yan, while we ate the delicious food,talked,drank the special cherry coke, and looked outside the romantic scenery of the ocean and people riding there boards wid kites.It was a very nice,chill day wid my girlfriend =)My new bestfriend! haha

Today was a father/son day.My dad and I went to Del Amo Mall, but ended up at South Bay Pavillion? the worst fuckin mall in my life.The swapmeets i go to were better OMG it ws like 15 stores, then we realized fuck this aint Del Amo! haha.Today I saw people I knew everywhere I went.I was Urban Outfitters, and didn't find my pants that suit me the best haha, but i saw 2 black boys i knew from school.That place was cool, seems like a good place to chill wid friends, theater, bowling, and good stores welll a few.After we went to Lakewood to get some prple acid jeans but they fuckin ran out! We went home and Sam called me and ws like come to my house were goin cosmic bowling!! then my dad ws lowkey sad like he didnt wna take me then..then he ws like tryna make me nt go, then like right before sams st..he turned into the other lane and went home i ws like aH! sneaky ass haha.i ws kinna mad but i wsnt cos i mean i felt bad i ws tryna hang out wid my friends wen today ws like a father son day sicne he had the whole week off =( im gonna make it up to him this weekend i promise.We went biking after, and i saw some white kids call out kevin! kids from school haha.We kicked it @ my dads friend water store and watched some ghetto/poor people make a bunch of scenes on the streets haha.When my mom got home we ate out and I saw Kim from Mayfair outside of Kim Tar.Then I crossed the st to Jack n the Box and saw Lan,Kaycee,B, and Casem hahaha.I ws like fuck im seeing someone everywhere! I wanted to eat my salad wid them, but my dad wanted me to eat at the table at Kim Tar, I felt bad again =( cs i js remembered he wanted to really be wid least i saw Kaycee the bestest sister in tha world you dad, today ws fun wid em tho ahah.


Tarin the Great said...

Why your neck so long

renjmeister said...

Thanks bro. I was really happy,surprised, and very thankful. Looks like a fun day !