Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nothin like a fresh cut huh Lian

Our barber Francis wasn't here this whole week, so a friend of mine cut our hair haha.Did a pretty good job,10 bucks.After our haircut, we went to my house after deciding on what to do and ended up doing nothing but fun ahah.ate and watched bball wid my dad, then we started talking about girls and his life since he can't open up to me ;( jkay.but yeah fuck him for leaving me for Ghar, who am i supposed to argue wid @ skool now ? esp in the mornings:[[[.I'm making him get a cut TWICE a week now instead of one hahaha.We were suprising Sam and AYEE!set, but they ended up finding us waaah haha.
Carol and her UNKLES.My niggah Big L


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Tarin the Great said...

you and your big loser friend