Friday, August 8, 2008

Dark Night

This morning Yaaan Yan woke me up, and i decided to go to her pad early so we cn go watch a movie.So we hung up and I went to her house and we walked to the theaters and watched Dark Night.It was a good movie, but didn't seem as long as people said it was, but fcuk ima still buy it haha.Next week hopefully watch Pineapple Express, heard it was good?I got picked up and dropped her home.Few hours later, picked her back up and took her out to dinner with my fam.I introduced her to my uncle aunt and cousins, but my other cousin and uncle and brother didn't come WAAAH.I wanted her to meet them so we coulda bonded haha.Next time, I wnt her to get to know my family.On Monday, it'll 6 months wid my girlfriend :) damn already HALF a YEAR, "do you know what happens in A year? People Change!" hahaha.Todaaay was a good day, we celebrated my dads bday eating out wid fam+Yan Yan.


I've been catching up wid YO!set lately bcos I miss the set alot full homo haha.Its always fun, but i never get to stay for their bbq/kickbacks bcos I had to go home all early :( went swimming 2 days in a row.YO!set played Cliphset/NbK today, but I couldn't go cos I had a fam thing.I Love (YO!)Liannn,(YO!)Two-Bit,(YO!)$odaPop,(YO!)DeeeeZy,(YO!)Anthony,(GF)Yaaan Yan,(BFF)Tommy,(AYEEYO!)Eeka Joyce.btw, people these days needa start riding bikes, fuck gas prices! lets roll thick on bikes and make a BIKE! set haha