Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Almost Birthday dad

I hung out wid YO!set yesterday for a little, but had to leave when Kaycee and Bianca came over.I'm still laughing about Carol sleeping over Two-Bits lmao.Appearently they drank las night, but its cool I wanted to be home wid my parents.Today I ate out wid my parents and my dad and I dropped my mom off back home cos she needed to cook for next weekend.My dad and I went some places to pay some bills.I finally got a pair of pants that "suited me" well haha, and bought dye.I rented Good Luck Chuck and P.S I love You, both good movies, but P.S is the BEST!! haha.My dad's bday is tommorow =) Ima prolly meet up wid em after work and were gna ride bikes tommorow, love you dad.


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