Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Today I went to Registration @ my school @ 10.After we dropped my mom home to get ready then my dad and I went to eat Bulgoki for Lunch.I was txting Ariyawwwn to see if she wanted to see me now, turns out she changed her mind haha.So I got dropped off and went to her registration wid her.Sadly, no pics of us today :( very disappointed, but its okay our day was more important than this haha.We walked to her school all layte, and came when there was like a 100 kids in line waiting,luckily her ass cut, BUT she couldn't get her schedule cos she had a book out still.She thought C.Nation would come thru for her, but she wasn't there haha.Luckily, while we were sitting there WAAAH'n, C.Nation popped out and was like gimme your papers and i guess got Yan her schedule for her since she was working haha.After Registration, we went back to my house to go swimming.She sucked @ Marko Polo ahaha.Its okay I kept chasing her in the pool lol.After we got out, my dad made us hot wings, and I bought Chicken Fettucini Pasta, and then POPPED BOTTLES (Arizona to drink), and watched Fresh Prince from the dining table haha.Today was a fun day wid my girlfriend, thank you :) I told you we'd go swimming and have dinner just like I wanted to! haha whatta great idea huh baberssss.Love you Yaaan Yan.
Like father like son.My dad's KHS

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