Sunday, May 23, 2010

Old Spitta Freestyle.

Even though Spitta is smacked up in every interview, he still has one of the most respectable flows in the game. His natural talent of making music is what has kept me behind his music over the years. JETS FOOL


Album Artwork.

One of the most important things about an album is also it's cover artwork. It's just always been a big deal. Whether you went and got an exclusive artist to do your artwork or it was just a great cover. I like how artist now make covers for most of their most popular songs off their mixtapes. The generation is newer and new brighter ideas come along with it. It's just a real cool thing to me when I play their songs off iTunes.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fuck Fisher Lookin At?

My question is, why would you interview the players in their locker room in the first place? hahaha.


New Girl.


Love Story.

Now baby your the truth so I'm just being honest
You treat me like a king so that's why your my highness
That means queen
Seems I known you for the longest
Funny how we conneteced on the low like vonage
And I kno it ain't as deep as it could be
Or as it would be but that's how it should be
Cause overtime we gonna be fine like wine
I never put another ova mine
See difference between you and them is they just wanna shine and
Well you
You just want shine
So tell mama sandy, mama myra and that family
That when I get that grammy, they gon' be a granny
And if I see that reaper b4 you see that reaper
Just kno I love you every time you hear me thru them speakers and I'ant tryna blow your head up like reefa but we got chemistry to the point we need a



Monday, May 10, 2010

Kush x Orange Thoughts.

This is the mixtape that I would say sparked everyone's attention towards Wiz Khalifa. Like any other Khalifa fan I had been waiting for this mixtape to drop after he had released Deal or No Deal. What I didn't like was all the hype people put into this mixtape. For example, somebody told me they've "BEEN" fucking with Wiz, yet they didn't know what How Fly was. You fuck with Wiz, but don't know about that How Fly? c'mon now. To be honest, I didn't like this mixtape at first. As I skimmed through the songs I found them kind of boring at first, but when I gave it chance I end up really liking it. In the end, it was infact a really good project and worth the wait. My personal favorite would have to be between Pedal To The Medal or We're Done.


Thursday, May 6, 2010


LMAO. Kid Cudi has got to be one of the coolest dudes in general. He doesn't get anymore real than already is. I mean, someone in the audience was talking shit and usually you would think someone like him would have to handle it in a "professional" matter when in fact this muhfugga hopped off staged and knocked off dude's head hahaha. Why would you go to his concert (front row) and be so negative?


Monday, May 3, 2010

Just Be Cool.

Global Coolin was definitely COOL. Cool music, cool drinks, cool people, & the coolest girls. Dom Kennedy definitely had that show rockin'. For him being one of my favorite artist since 25th Hour, it was definitely worth the wait. Pac Div, Overdoze, Skeme, and all the JBC held it down. I wish their were women like at the concert everywhere. Girls with good taste of music, tatted, sexy, and style. I'm near the front in a Yankee fitted & green flannel behind cat in the yellow Rogue Status tee.

DGTLXWW: Earth Day (Dom Kennedy) from DGTLX WW on Vimeo.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Some Goodies.

Phillies P. Colorways inspired from common Diamond Supply Colorways or Tiffany co.

Pirates P. I might send this one to Wiz Khalifa, a replica of his chain he wears hahaha.

A lot of people tend to ask me why do I always make P's in ceramics. It stands for my name. I thought it was a no brainer? hahaha. P=Ponyboy.

Fly Society. Jets & Paper Planes.

Baby Milo.


Hello Kitty.

There's been some stray cat that's been hanging around my neighborhood for quite some time. My neighbor has a bunch of cats and it's been making this stray come back and forth since they left food and a bed for em outside. Basically a second home for it. Personally, I hate cats. If I'm around them too long or their hairs are too long I get a allergic reaction, but this cat seem to be nice. Everytime my dad and I are outside it always comes our way for some attention.