Monday, March 31, 2008

Samuels small wee wee

Back to school today, Boring as fcuk.After School Went to Rosewood to get my haircut since my Kid Robot Design faded and i didn't like the look haha.Two-Bit and Lian went back to my house and we ate cereal with Milk cos we build strong bones.Two-Bit and I FOUGHT about whose weewee was bigger and of course i won with mine as big as the serving spoon we ate with lmao.Then, Rosewood Meeting @ 5.The NEW KidRobot,Orisue Shipment is here!! KID ROBOT IS AVAILABLE FOR BOTH WOMEN AND GUYS!! so come thru and check us out..There will be a buy one get one free tshirt sale starting on Thursday so come and get a free tee..Pictures will be up soon for the KidRobot..Off to try and prolly do homework..maybe haha.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Back to Bellflower High Tommorow.Spring was Alrite, but next year Spring break and this summer will be even better..Things i did over spring break:Kid Robot Design,Adventures in Lakewood with YO!,Hang out with Rissa,Beach,And Lost my Basketball game Sat.We lost to a whack team, but i did miss all 7 of my free throws so fuck it, ill get em next time.I cut the top of my mohawk off for school tommorow.We hung out @ Jason's yesterday for his birthday party.Lian lost his ipod =( Some lil kid kicked my dick and it one of my balls in the jumper =( We were gna invite people over, but his aunt started trippin so Jason's uncle was just telling us story on how to get pxsssy and how he used to be bad.School tommorow @ 9, Haircut after school maybe, Rosewood Street Team Meet @ 5:30..GoooooodNiteeee.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

we had the "TALK"

Yesterday I hung out with Rissa to watch 21.I got dropped off by her house and as usual she took forever to come outside.So while we were walking there, SHE argued with me as usual too haha about her parents and I hanging out and her well..not so invited haha.I doubled the size of my ice cream for 50cents, but the ice cream was too fuckin big so Rissas fat ass finished it haha.21 was a good movie.We went to the Corner Bakery after cos WE were hungry.We sat and talked for like 2 hrs haha it was like talkin on the fone.We talked about our fat kid Jordan with a mullet and a billion rolls,Kevin the Smart,Sexy, yet Cocky one hahaaa, and Brooklyn the BOY is just gna be the stupid one hahaaa.OR in her story its the pretty girl whos gna get all the guys..not.Then we talked about how were gna go all the way like all the way to the top cos you know im Ponyboy hahaa.
Plus i wear the turquoise pants that i started in the relationship cos im Ponyboy again hahahaaa.It was a good night.She ended up not getting yogurt with her sister, sorry.Maybe she'll make me cupcakes again tho lmao.At like 5:30 in the morning i woke up and she picked up for the first time haha.We talked til like 7 and fell asleep, then @ 9 i went to baskteball practice.Plans for today, basketball game and Jasons house @ night.It was a good day, I love you Rissa.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

YO! set are rebels

So we made that whole listed of what to bring and it didn't work out like we planned lmao.We needed ice, but Jason traded the ice for some Ruffles lmao.I couldn't cook my moms bbq.We didn't have a match or gas so we had to ask for help to start the bonfire haha.We didn't swim that much cos the water was cold as fuuuck.Jesssiboo and Stephanie came and we started the bonfire with our hard working effort, cs we making somethin outta nothin.Two-Bit and I shot on eachother over the fire like usual and talked.Stephanie left for a lil so we played truth or dare cs were so rebel like that say enuff for today haha good day.

Attempting to start a fire with a match and paper and lian's master 4 hrs wood.

We made progress! TADA!

Ponyboy is just toooo hot

Jessica's dare..nuff sed
no picture

Two-Bit's dare to give me a hikki behind my tail

Lians dare to run around in his boxers singing

No pictures for Soda's dare.
Good day today with the YO! set

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tommy the Chaperon

Stayed on the fone til 4:30 in the morning yesterday with Rissa i know unbelievable cs she can never hang.Lian came over the next morning and we talked abt what were doing today.Idk what i was doing today it ws either the beach or see Rissa @ Knotts w/ her little friends, but i chose we Two-Bit,Soda,the hotboyz and Two-Bits hikki went to the beach.We watched white women walk down the pier with their ass hanging out.Then we went back to Two-Bit's house and jogged to Sims Park bcos were so in shape like that.My day was off @ the park, Tommys stinky ass beat us in a 3 on4 hahaa.pssss.
Bolsa Chica Tommorow..

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Two-Bit is a pimp!

Yesterday I watched Drill-Bit with Rissa then went to Fatfoot Sodas House to watch him clean.She took a piss and wiped with cotton balls and the toliet didnt flush hahaa.Samuel Slept over and we wrestled after we watched I Am Legend.Today ArronJBaby and Soda Pop came down alllll the way from lakewood and DIDNT get a haircutt cs Francis had too many heads so came down for nothin.We went to Soda' s House and the YO!set ran into the Hotboyz.Two Bit and Soda smoked a cig and lian got ferious and wants to pound.we went back to sodas house and lian and I balled everyone else up cos im a monSTAR..well the title and pictures..nuff sed..


Saturday, March 22, 2008


School is finally out, FUCK school.Just got the Kid Robot Design in my head with a mohawk.Came to school and got alotta compliments and told them to go to rosewood.2nd Period teacher sent me up to the office for the design, but they were just telling me cut off the top of my mohawk off by next Mon, bt i dont care abt the top cept my tail.FUCK that santa clause looking mothafucka in my 2nd period.btw, Kid Robot is coming to Rosewood Royale soooooooon.My first day of Spring break was good.I watched that Horton movie with Rissa, Then went back to my house to watch American Gangster.We fell asleep on my bed for abt 2 hrs and woke up @ 2.My mom was tripping out cos she was thinking her parents were gna be looking for her and gna hate me so we gave her a ride home cos her ride was taking awhile.It was a good night. I love you Rissa.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March 4-5

Yesterday I got a B on my Biology quiz for the first time.Classes were fun more fun than school as usual, Sam and i got fresh cuts after school.I rode the bike at Rosewood like always hahaha.We watched Tokyo Drift at my house then i took a nap.Had a good practice from 8~9.Next game is Saturday at 7:00 at Sims Park.Called Rissa and called it a night.
Today was gay cs i kept sneezing in all my classes and was cold.Went straight home after school and fell asleep.Called Rissa and called it another night.

March 4th 08

few days before i cut the top
Somewhere in January
Last year..
Second Take
First take

Been Growing it since early Sept of 07