Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Two-Bit is a pimp!

Yesterday I watched Drill-Bit with Rissa then went to Fatfoot Sodas House to watch him clean.She took a piss and wiped with cotton balls and the toliet didnt flush hahaa.Samuel Slept over and we wrestled after we watched I Am Legend.Today ArronJBaby and Soda Pop came down alllll the way from lakewood and DIDNT get a haircutt cs Francis had too many heads so came down for nothin.We went to Soda' s House and the YO!set ran into the Hotboyz.Two Bit and Soda smoked a cig and lian got ferious and wants to pound.we went back to sodas house and lian and I balled everyone else up cos im a monSTAR..well the title and pictures..nuff sed..


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