Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tommy the Chaperon

Stayed on the fone til 4:30 in the morning yesterday with Rissa i know unbelievable cs she can never hang.Lian came over the next morning and we talked abt what were doing today.Idk what i was doing today it ws either the beach or see Rissa @ Knotts w/ her little friends, but i chose we Two-Bit,Soda,the hotboyz and Two-Bits hikki went to the beach.We watched white women walk down the pier with their ass hanging out.Then we went back to Two-Bit's house and jogged to Sims Park bcos were so in shape like that.My day was off @ the park, Tommys stinky ass beat us in a 3 on4 hahaa.pssss.
Bolsa Chica Tommorow..

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