Thursday, March 27, 2008

YO! set are rebels

So we made that whole listed of what to bring and it didn't work out like we planned lmao.We needed ice, but Jason traded the ice for some Ruffles lmao.I couldn't cook my moms bbq.We didn't have a match or gas so we had to ask for help to start the bonfire haha.We didn't swim that much cos the water was cold as fuuuck.Jesssiboo and Stephanie came and we started the bonfire with our hard working effort, cs we making somethin outta nothin.Two-Bit and I shot on eachother over the fire like usual and talked.Stephanie left for a lil so we played truth or dare cs were so rebel like that say enuff for today haha good day.

Attempting to start a fire with a match and paper and lian's master 4 hrs wood.

We made progress! TADA!

Ponyboy is just toooo hot

Jessica's dare..nuff sed
no picture

Two-Bit's dare to give me a hikki behind my tail

Lians dare to run around in his boxers singing

No pictures for Soda's dare.
Good day today with the YO! set

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