Sunday, March 30, 2008


Back to Bellflower High Tommorow.Spring was Alrite, but next year Spring break and this summer will be even better..Things i did over spring break:Kid Robot Design,Adventures in Lakewood with YO!,Hang out with Rissa,Beach,And Lost my Basketball game Sat.We lost to a whack team, but i did miss all 7 of my free throws so fuck it, ill get em next time.I cut the top of my mohawk off for school tommorow.We hung out @ Jason's yesterday for his birthday party.Lian lost his ipod =( Some lil kid kicked my dick and it one of my balls in the jumper =( We were gna invite people over, but his aunt started trippin so Jason's uncle was just telling us story on how to get pxsssy and how he used to be bad.School tommorow @ 9, Haircut after school maybe, Rosewood Street Team Meet @ 5:30..GoooooodNiteeee.

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