Monday, March 31, 2008

Samuels small wee wee

Back to school today, Boring as fcuk.After School Went to Rosewood to get my haircut since my Kid Robot Design faded and i didn't like the look haha.Two-Bit and Lian went back to my house and we ate cereal with Milk cos we build strong bones.Two-Bit and I FOUGHT about whose weewee was bigger and of course i won with mine as big as the serving spoon we ate with lmao.Then, Rosewood Meeting @ 5.The NEW KidRobot,Orisue Shipment is here!! KID ROBOT IS AVAILABLE FOR BOTH WOMEN AND GUYS!! so come thru and check us out..There will be a buy one get one free tshirt sale starting on Thursday so come and get a free tee..Pictures will be up soon for the KidRobot..Off to try and prolly do homework..maybe haha.

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