Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"I had a banana for breakfast, no homo"

First day of STAR testing was easy in the english portion, hopefully i passed.So today i dressed prepared for the heat in slippers and shorts and it wasn't hot like yesterday fuck!After school we enjoyed Two-Bits jello, the one he didn't let us eat after 2 bites!
After Sam's House.5$ footlong Tuna with EXTRA EXTRA onions.
After, Rosewood Street Team meeting.Notice the glass on the floor that Hesco and Andrew broke while playing around in the shop haha.Slammed a door and made the case with a shirt inside fall lmao.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

This one is for her

For Rissa only bcos she realllllly wants me to buy her some crocs, but white.Since they are the only most attractive shoes haha.

Anyways, Yesterday I stayed home the whole day.Talked to Rissa the whole day over aim, but she stole her fone for a lil and got to call me ahah best 30 mins this weekend or what! :) then ate @ Pho with Lian and my parents, then got dropped off @ Casems party it was cool.Had a couple drinks, but it got rolled like 30 mins after we got there.After I walked around the neighborhood with them vvVVvv, but i was on the sidekick the whole time so i wasn't bored haha.Today I went to church and ate @ v.i.p.I saw Kaycee,Alanuh, and Bianca there, but didn't get to say bye to them bcos of an arguement with my parents and i got in.We were talking about our fish that cleans the tank and my mom was saying to get rid of it cos it ws sucking on the other fish.She saw on the news that the fish can get really big and in the PI they couldn't kill it or eat it cos it looked evil and was too big and the skin was too thick to stab.Then my dad and I were joking around saying were gna put in the swamp and yadda.Then my mom started getting mad at us for and i said, there not evil they just look evil.Moms started yelling at my dad bcos my dad kept messing around, got annoyed so i told em to shut up cos i hate it wen they argue.My mom ws like dont tell me to shut up!! and gave me the eye and i gave her the eye back and pissed ehr and walked out so i had to chase her in the parking lot.Got in the car, and talked it over.It was my fault shouldn't have ever said that, but i hate it when they argue.After that went to the South Coast Plaza and spent some currency and its hotttt as fuck.Weekend was goood.

I'll be @ the shop tommorow for the Street Team Meeti

Friday, April 25, 2008

Skunked Friday

Today i went with YO!Lian and we got our haircuts.I went home and unfortunately, Rissa couldn't go out.Basically, I stayed home on a Friday cos there wasn't shit to do and talked to her on aim the whole time while i updated myself on clothes,ebay,myspace and all that goodshit.Plan for today was to go to Fresh and Easy and get samples cos were not supposed to spend our money cos were gna shop together.She has to take me to Pinkberry for my first time,hit up Fairfax, and go to The Hundreds get Ponyboy some Hundreds socks haha.Hopefully see you next week, Love you Rissa.


And of course my #1


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

YO! set exclusive

After scheduling an appt @ Rosewood, to my house to cook our very own recipe..pictures will be up later.Not talking to Rissa tonight i guess so ill update this later again.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

do i really care?

of course i do .Well Rissa got in trouble for skipping classes from yesterday, which is =(.I wish i coulda told her not to skip even tho i can't tell anyone what to do, but i guess i care.and it sucked when she told me about how mad her parents were and she felt bad when i felt like i coulda done something about it.Idk i always have an angel and devil in my head and the angel always wins so i can never do that.haha.Even when Two-Bit ditches i think its dum cos i mean thats the reason why hes failing alot, plus his bxtch ass always leaves me bored @ school! like who fxck has a bond like we do? When I slap tha shxt outta him and he trys to rip me, but that means i give him a bigger slap then we start arguing..of course theres Lian's bxtch ass that wna argue and talk shxt too haha, But I hope Rissa stops making wrong decisions @ times bcos i feel bad cos i really wna tell her not to do it haha, but its alrite everyone fxcks up 1nce in a while.Anyways, School was alrite.I actually completed all my work during class.After school, ate @ Pho wid my dad,Went to get cottan candy ice cream,then to cosco "bcos my mom was saying the worlds running out of rice!"[only when jason is around],Walmart to get some accessories for ourselevs then home to do a research project im still working on it.Aim kills.Anyways, I hope you feel better Rissa, Love you.

Monday, April 21, 2008

gooo to work

School Started @ 9 which is always good, wish school was always this short.The whole day at school the only thing i could think of was "What am i gna do about myself?".I mean i literally have everything i need in life cept my grade that'll only help myself.The whole day i completed all classwork and got my makeup work cos fuck i already got summer school for 2 classes i don't want 3.I wasted the whole 1st sem kickin back in every class thinkin i can catch up the last few weeks..didn't happen or try haha, but im trying now cos next year im just gna go to school to do the work cos if not ima be wastin my time gettin my ass up 6 in the morning to go do nothin haha.After school watched the middle school Mayfair vs Bellflower volley game, but were both sorry.on the upside it was fun making fun of all the little kids and arguing with lian as usual cos his bitch ass is greedy,selfish,COCKY,[cockier than me haha],oh yeah ugly.hahahaha.After that we followed the AYEE!set to Jessiboo's house hoping we'd get a ride to Rosewood, but that shit aint work dumass Lian! ahhaa.Then wen we got there we started to argue again cos his bxtchass was taking all the tulberon and poptarts, as usual killing shit! haha.After that we walked to Rosewood Royale for the Street Team Meeting like every Monday.
also NEW! kid robot,10deep,orisue,IM-KING
And NEW! for the ladies Kid Robot,HELLZ BELLZ, & 10 Deep
Remember who sent you! Kevin from Rosewood or Ponyboy
Btw, I'm @ the shop Frequently so holla.


Sunday, April 20, 2008


Friday wasn't the best night ever.Rissa Came over to watch Knocked up, but she was acting like an @#$ to me.Im used to it but she did it the whole time and she ws leavin early, which annoyed me.Night was eh =( Saturday was my last game so I'm free the whole day Saturdays.That night I took Rissa out to makeup for Friday to Kabuki.Ordered the California and Alaskan Rolls with some Mango Mochi.Next week, maybe taking Rissa to "Fresh and Easy" to buy her fatass some food.Today I am doing makeup work i guess, since i needa catch up.Just got my report card.
I needa start catching up with my school work asap.I got summer school for 2 classes so far..Bio and a D from English last sem.=(.. anyways this is my 4/20.

Our Kidrobot Purchases,Ponyboy-Original $150.00, Sale $75.00
Rissa's-Original $35.00, Sale$17.50

My weekend was good,Love you Rissa.


Friday, April 18, 2008

ended up

not being the best night..not even a good bye hug =(

Monday, April 14, 2008

Paying a visit

I was hungry after school so i decided to get some In N Out and since the "asshole" lives right there might as well haha.And were not supposed to spend any money because were supposed to save up alot so we can go shop toegther everywhere and she can buy me everything.So next time we hang were prolly gonna just eat out or run a storm then with all that money were gna spend, buy some nike sweats and she'll wear the shorts with the track jackets haha.well back to hustling.Love you Rissa.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy 2 Months

Thursday Lian, Sam and I felt like rebels so we ditched 1 & 2 period to go kick it at Del Taco so that is our new kick it spot in the morning when we dont wna go to class haha.Friday was an early day and internation day @ school, which was hot and whack as fxck.I went to go see Rissa for our 2 months and we watched some what Shutter & 10,000 B.C then ate @ Lakewood Corner Bakery ahha or "the spot".I got her a 10 Deep "Truth Hurts" tee and a pin of me from basketball aha.And she gave me a card with a paragraph she wrote inside =)..Friday was a good day since i didn't see her for 2 weeks.@ the movies we ran into an "asian invasion" with a bunch of little kids haha..and the mole came and hugged me outta no where lol.Oh yeah and these 2 lil boys were tryna make fun of me by doing my pose wen i take pictures..i guess it was funny or i just didn't get it lolllll they swear.Today I had a basketball game and lost, but oh well..When i made my first fast break i pointed @ Sam in the stands i mean body motion and everything haha.Then tonight i went to the mall with Jason,Sam and dk, since Jason sed he didn't wna be alone haha..its been a good 2 months, i love you rissa =).
update wid pics later..

Monday, April 7, 2008

Reminasse of ...

Since 7th Grade been killing the game hahahaa

Good ol' myspace shoe pictures..7th grade?

I love jordans! hahaa

I've always loved the Hundreds tho!


foot jacking off huh bff??
you caught us showering!

gimme your number buddy!


yeah we go way back

Uhh...way back


Saturday, April 5, 2008


Just got the YO! SET fitted done with Jason yesterday.Handed out Rosewood Royale Flyers and saw little kids @ the mall.Went to Cerritos For Lian and his "Date".Yesterday wasn't that good since I didn't really do anything besides te hat.Last night on the fone wasn't even good =( Even tho i wanted to talk to her i still had an attitude.Game Later @ 6


Thursday, April 3, 2008

"My Mohawk is a fuck up"


from iss:JamzxX
"KEVIN.that mohawk is a fk up no offense..The back is WAY too long."
yall already seen the Kid Robot cut..I can't believe he would tell me about my hair with his pictures lol nuff sed..enjoy!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


So Rissa called me around 10 crying and the first thing she sed was that her mom wants her out of the house by tommorow and she had to pack her shxt up and i ws all like whattt the fuuuck.She sed her and her sister got into an arguement and that wen her sister was walking back to her room, she pulled her hair hard and socked her in the face.All i could think was fuuuck you musta got beat the shxt outta after that haha, but she sed her sister didn't do shhxt then her mom jst came and yelled and sed "I WANT YOU OUT GO PACK YOUR CLOTHES UP YOU CANT STAY HERE ANYMORE" and i didn't know what to say, but your parents can't kick you out cs your not 18.They can only send you away =(.Then she ws all saying she might move to Los Almitos so i decide to change up the mood a lil by almost breaking up with her, but i had to say that i ws moving like next week to Arizona cos she sounded to sad =( haha.then i sed it and she ws all serious abt and i ws like APRIL FOOLS then she ws like ASSHOLE then told me APRIL FOOLS then i ws like ah wtfff.haha 10 mins later i ws like wait so none of that shxt happened today? and yeah i guess she got me pretty good, but i didn't think her parents would kick her out haha.Then we watched Chris Borwn-with you vid on On Demand like we always do haha.I love you Rissa.
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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Sackkkkk

Nothin special today, but me feeling sick during 4th.After School made some new friends and let them know wassup about the Shop and to cop the newHellz Bellz and KidRobot for women.When I got home, my nuts and stomach were aching [No homo].I felt cold as fuuuck in my 6th period and felt a temperature coming.By the time i was home, everything from my stomach down was hurting really bad.I took a nap and my hears were hotttt so i started to drink cold water and cooled down a lil.I hope I don't have a hernia =(..and I hope I get to talk to Rissa tonight since she was bad yesterday haha imy..