Wednesday, April 2, 2008


So Rissa called me around 10 crying and the first thing she sed was that her mom wants her out of the house by tommorow and she had to pack her shxt up and i ws all like whattt the fuuuck.She sed her and her sister got into an arguement and that wen her sister was walking back to her room, she pulled her hair hard and socked her in the face.All i could think was fuuuck you musta got beat the shxt outta after that haha, but she sed her sister didn't do shhxt then her mom jst came and yelled and sed "I WANT YOU OUT GO PACK YOUR CLOTHES UP YOU CANT STAY HERE ANYMORE" and i didn't know what to say, but your parents can't kick you out cs your not 18.They can only send you away =(.Then she ws all saying she might move to Los Almitos so i decide to change up the mood a lil by almost breaking up with her, but i had to say that i ws moving like next week to Arizona cos she sounded to sad =( haha.then i sed it and she ws all serious abt and i ws like APRIL FOOLS then she ws like ASSHOLE then told me APRIL FOOLS then i ws like ah wtfff.haha 10 mins later i ws like wait so none of that shxt happened today? and yeah i guess she got me pretty good, but i didn't think her parents would kick her out haha.Then we watched Chris Borwn-with you vid on On Demand like we always do haha.I love you Rissa.
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