Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy 2 Months

Thursday Lian, Sam and I felt like rebels so we ditched 1 & 2 period to go kick it at Del Taco so that is our new kick it spot in the morning when we dont wna go to class haha.Friday was an early day and internation day @ school, which was hot and whack as fxck.I went to go see Rissa for our 2 months and we watched some what Shutter & 10,000 B.C then ate @ Lakewood Corner Bakery ahha or "the spot".I got her a 10 Deep "Truth Hurts" tee and a pin of me from basketball aha.And she gave me a card with a paragraph she wrote inside =)..Friday was a good day since i didn't see her for 2 weeks.@ the movies we ran into an "asian invasion" with a bunch of little kids haha..and the mole came and hugged me outta no where lol.Oh yeah and these 2 lil boys were tryna make fun of me by doing my pose wen i take pictures..i guess it was funny or i just didn't get it lolllll they swear.Today I had a basketball game and lost, but oh well..When i made my first fast break i pointed @ Sam in the stands i mean body motion and everything haha.Then tonight i went to the mall with Jason,Sam and dk, since Jason sed he didn't wna be alone haha..its been a good 2 months, i love you rissa =).
update wid pics later..

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