Sunday, April 20, 2008


Friday wasn't the best night ever.Rissa Came over to watch Knocked up, but she was acting like an @#$ to me.Im used to it but she did it the whole time and she ws leavin early, which annoyed me.Night was eh =( Saturday was my last game so I'm free the whole day Saturdays.That night I took Rissa out to makeup for Friday to Kabuki.Ordered the California and Alaskan Rolls with some Mango Mochi.Next week, maybe taking Rissa to "Fresh and Easy" to buy her fatass some food.Today I am doing makeup work i guess, since i needa catch up.Just got my report card.
I needa start catching up with my school work asap.I got summer school for 2 classes so far..Bio and a D from English last sem.=(.. anyways this is my 4/20.

Our Kidrobot Purchases,Ponyboy-Original $150.00, Sale $75.00
Rissa's-Original $35.00, Sale$17.50

My weekend was good,Love you Rissa.


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