Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"I had a banana for breakfast, no homo"

First day of STAR testing was easy in the english portion, hopefully i passed.So today i dressed prepared for the heat in slippers and shorts and it wasn't hot like yesterday fuck!After school we enjoyed Two-Bits jello, the one he didn't let us eat after 2 bites!
After Sam's House.5$ footlong Tuna with EXTRA EXTRA onions.
After, Rosewood Street Team meeting.Notice the glass on the floor that Hesco and Andrew broke while playing around in the shop haha.Slammed a door and made the case with a shirt inside fall lmao.

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ariannebalboa said...

hahah lil bitch sam didnt give you anymore jello! go sam :)

oh and is that lians model pose or what? haha