Sunday, April 27, 2008

This one is for her

For Rissa only bcos she realllllly wants me to buy her some crocs, but white.Since they are the only most attractive shoes haha.

Anyways, Yesterday I stayed home the whole day.Talked to Rissa the whole day over aim, but she stole her fone for a lil and got to call me ahah best 30 mins this weekend or what! :) then ate @ Pho with Lian and my parents, then got dropped off @ Casems party it was cool.Had a couple drinks, but it got rolled like 30 mins after we got there.After I walked around the neighborhood with them vvVVvv, but i was on the sidekick the whole time so i wasn't bored haha.Today I went to church and ate @ v.i.p.I saw Kaycee,Alanuh, and Bianca there, but didn't get to say bye to them bcos of an arguement with my parents and i got in.We were talking about our fish that cleans the tank and my mom was saying to get rid of it cos it ws sucking on the other fish.She saw on the news that the fish can get really big and in the PI they couldn't kill it or eat it cos it looked evil and was too big and the skin was too thick to stab.Then my dad and I were joking around saying were gna put in the swamp and yadda.Then my mom started getting mad at us for and i said, there not evil they just look evil.Moms started yelling at my dad bcos my dad kept messing around, got annoyed so i told em to shut up cos i hate it wen they argue.My mom ws like dont tell me to shut up!! and gave me the eye and i gave her the eye back and pissed ehr and walked out so i had to chase her in the parking lot.Got in the car, and talked it over.It was my fault shouldn't have ever said that, but i hate it when they argue.After that went to the South Coast Plaza and spent some currency and its hotttt as fuck.Weekend was goood.

I'll be @ the shop tommorow for the Street Team Meeti

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