Tuesday, April 22, 2008

do i really care?

of course i do .Well Rissa got in trouble for skipping classes from yesterday, which is =(.I wish i coulda told her not to skip even tho i can't tell anyone what to do, but i guess i care.and it sucked when she told me about how mad her parents were and she felt bad when i felt like i coulda done something about it.Idk i always have an angel and devil in my head and the angel always wins so i can never do that.haha.Even when Two-Bit ditches i think its dum cos i mean thats the reason why hes failing alot, plus his bxtch ass always leaves me bored @ school! like who fxck has a bond like we do? When I slap tha shxt outta him and he trys to rip me, but that means i give him a bigger slap then we start arguing..of course theres Lian's bxtch ass that wna argue and talk shxt too haha, But I hope Rissa stops making wrong decisions @ times bcos i feel bad cos i really wna tell her not to do it haha, but its alrite everyone fxcks up 1nce in a while.Anyways, School was alrite.I actually completed all my work during class.After school, ate @ Pho wid my dad,Went to get cottan candy ice cream,then to cosco "bcos my mom was saying the worlds running out of rice!"[only when jason is around],Walmart to get some accessories for ourselevs then home to do a research project im still working on it.Aim kills.Anyways, I hope you feel better Rissa, Love you.

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hey i left commment!