Friday, July 31, 2009

Nothing I Hate More.

There isn't anything I hate more than beetles. I think there was a beetle empire in my school beause everyday there would be a bunch of them flying around the exit gate and outside of school. The sound they make scares me enough. I usually take off or try hiding behind others. It's that serious. Luckily, I found one dead next to my algae eater. I've left my algae eater outside for a few good months without feeding him since he just eats his own poop. I hate both of them, the algae eater eats off the scales from my other fish and the beetle scares the fuck out of me.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fuck Kabuki.

My bills at Kabuki always rape my wallet. 5.00$ for 10 rolls? Where? Sucks for you.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tattoo Expo.

Last week for my older brother's birthday we went to a tattoo expo to get tatted. Unfortunately, I didn't even though some of the artist were down to. Times are hard $$$ haha. Him, his friends, and cousins did though it was interesting seeing all the other artist and talents out there. The whole convention felt like the heart of LA. Every booth bumping west coast rap and a lot of people inked up.

My cousin came through to say wassup. Everytime I see him he has new art work done on him, but he only goes out to Cincinnati to get done. Probably one of the best tattoos I've seen on someone.

Crooks and Castles.

I'm not the biggest fan of west coast rap, but it was dope seeing some of West Side Connection perform live. I was probably like 6ft away from them. Considering most of the people were from LA everyone was hyped.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


If they weren't around, our school would probably look like our restrooms. I know the school is always making those annoying announcments about picking up trash, but it's pretty true. I have a tendency of picking up trash and just throwing it in the can. During summer school I watch them clean out every class room from head to toe. The restrooms during summer school are a JOKE. I used to mark up the stalls and restrooms back when I used to write, but kids are throwing the trashcans in the toilets. Like what the fuck? I came to piss in my favorite stall and I find a trash bin. They clean up after EVERYONE. All the trash, shit in the toilet, and piss all over the floor. Janiotrs definitely don't get the same respect as teachers. Sometimes when I pass by them, I see the pain in their eyes cleaning up a bunch of shit on the floor. Good lookin out.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

John Jamelske.

I was watching Cold Cases and this man's case caught my attention. He was obducting women off the streets by getting them into his car then forcing them to live in dungeon he built. It disgusts me how people would actually make people live their lives like hell. One lady got into the car and woke up naked, handcuffed in his dungeon in his basement. She was forced to write letters to her family to let them know she's in a rehab or some bullshit. He kept calenders of what sexual activites he did everyday, forced them to have sex everyday or they'd die, and basically be his prisoner. It angers me how people would do this to other people not thinking about how much it'll affect their lives. He was doing this for 15 years and only 5 women came up and told their stories. He even kept one girl in his dungeon for 3 years. As he was being sentenced to his years in prison, he began to cry and said, "I'm sorry. God bless them". I don't think god could forgive someone that cold.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

RIP Alex.

I didn't know the guy well, but I went to school with him and he had just graduated. I was used to seeing him and his twin brother always walking around together. I do remember him filming me for the school segment Buc Tv of me dancing around. Last night I heard he got shot, but unfortunately he passed away today. At the back of my mind it was sad because it's sad when anyone dies, esp if you know them. I can't imagine how it feels to lose a brother, esp your twin. Too many people have been dying lately. Heartless people don't know what they're doing taking away someone else life. Rest in paradise.


Friday, July 17, 2009


Today my friends brought me to a spot sort of like Guppies, but it was better. Actually made Guppies look stupid with their shaved ice they served us for a better price. Where is it at? smh sucks for ya'll.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

White Boy.

Asher Roth is raw. I'm not the biggest fan of his actual songs, but the guy could flow off the top of his head. I'm not forgetting Cudi though. Everyone should know he's got swag overall, enough said.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Often Loungin'.

Deezy and Andy came over to swim earlier today to cool off from this summer weather that's hitting us. Grabbed some Alberts not Albert Tacos, but Alberts. They changed up the tables inside. I felt like I was in a cafe eating Burritos.

We came back to Andy's to play some PS3 and sit around the pc listening to music and flipping through photographs. By the way, I beat Andy in 2k9. We ran into his dog Teddy. Always fuckin breathing hard and shit. It's kind of creepy how if you mad dog him, he'll actually respond and know you don't like him.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Recession PT.I

My dad and I were chopping it up earlier after we ordered pizza. We decided to order pizza online then picked it up in 2 minutes up the street. It got to the subject where we started talking about how everything is done through the internet. He's a mail carrier and says that the mail decreased and not as much papers to deliver anymore. Most people are now just paying their bills online instead of recieving them the old fashion way. Which leaves my the post office with less work to do.

When I think about it, what can't the internet not provide for us? Google literally answers most questions or problems. Another reason why maybe Blockbuster closed down. Netflix and the other free movies started to take over and only the cheap movie stores are probably still surving. Like the 99 Cent Video around the corner a dollar a movie, can't beat that. I liked Blockbuster though. Renting games and movies late at night gave me that real "I'm a kid" feeling.

Hopefully Obama helps get out of this hole like he promised. I remember I used to get 20$ a week, but nowadays I just let my parents keep it and I just continue to get money my own way. I still continue to buy things if I could haha. It's pretty ironic how when I'd ask for a lot of things when I little and my mom would always say, "One day we might not have jobs and not have money, so you're lucky". I never thought that would actually come true someday. Like anything else just make smart decisions, espically with cheese.


Ear Muffs?

Nah. Just these swaggin WESC Heaphones that I'm going to buy soon enough. I have bad luck loosing or breaking one ear bud over time. So I'm going to buy these headphones. I'll treat these like a baby and never loose them. Plus If I plan on spending this much money for some headphones I'll definitely take care of them.


Saturday, July 11, 2009


We came we saw we conquered. We encounter every kind of beast you could think of found in the forest. Of course Two-Bit scared them all away with his infamous faces.

Then we went power sliding on bars and started jumping off every higher surface we could find.


Supposedly .

Supposedly this is the difference if Michael DIDN'T get any plastic surgeries or any kind of surgey done at all. I don't know if this could be true or not, but I wish he never went through the surgeries. He didn't need them, but hey do what you do. Still rocked the mic the same.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Since school is over I finally got to take home my sketch book. I paid a 20.00 fee at the beginning of the year for the art class. what the fuck? All I got was a sketchbook, some pencils and letting me use all of her markers in class. I used about 20 pages out of 200 in the book. Now I could actually put it to REAL use. I named my sketch book diary. I always go to it in a good, bad, bored, or any kind of mood I'm in. Drawing a picture or putting letters together expresses creativity and like any other hobby, it's always good to see improvement.

Yessssir. Finally starting to stack back up on new pens and ink. It's always good to have graffiti markers than just black book ones. They come in handy when practicing signatures or just something to slip in your pocket when you head out.

Hm...colors colors colors to choose from. Yeah, I guess you can say I get around.



Looks like gas prices are going down slowly from last weekend. My brother said he paid just about 3.00 dollars for gas today. So hopefully the gas keeps getting lower and lower. Soon the enough the gas prices will shoot off the charts once again I'm guessing. It's crazy how just the price of gas could change everything. The increase in price makes everyone else increase the price on everything else and even complicate transportation. Nowadays people will usually ask for gas money for even a ride to the store. I remember last year everyone would ride bikes, take buses, and car pull.



I met Chico at my brother's friend's kickback for 4th of July. He was a red nose Pitbull. When I'm able to get a dog, I'm definitely getting me a Pit. Probably a Blue Nose. Chico was loyal and had a big head too, plus.

The firework was in the act of shooting up in the air. I think it was the bottle rocket we made.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Quiet Friday.

I didn't do much tonight, but watch a Super Bad and eat Cherries and Cupcakes with Deezy and his friend Kathrina since 2 Bit and Soda left outta down without us. I came home pretty early so I thought why not, go to Starbucks and have a cup of coffee by myself to kill time. I live right next to a few good spots to eat, but surprisingly I hardly ever go to them. I'm too tight on my money, always thinking there's something better to spend it on. Times like this though I just go to Starbucks to sip and reminisce times in my life I guess. Oh yeah, sitting in their makes me feel a bit higher class because of the nice furniture in the cafe too.


Most Paid Athlete.

Out of all of the other most paid athlete's salaries, Nobody could fuck with Tiger Wood. For heaven's sake, he made 87$ million in winnings and endorsements. Can't blame him though, he's Michael Jordan to the game of golf. Not mention, he's definitely a mack from the looks of his wife. She's White too.


Stupid News.

Why do they always try and sugar coat everything? I mean hell they might as well tell us the truth. I watch the news every morning as I eat breakfast and get ready for school everyday. Why is there always a part of the news when some "expert" trys and tells us were in a recession, but could still buy everything luxurious. Like fuck, one of the comparisons was a Macbook for 1000$ and then show us we could get some unknown name branded laptop for 800$. Like that was a big help for us.


How Ironic.

Interesting, but it is what it is. Not gonna sit here and wish Ariza was back here even though I do. Wish him luck with the Rockets even though you guys aren't going to do shit like us.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


ESPN reports that free agent swingman Trevor Ariza is close to leaving the Lakers, possibly to sign with the Cavaliers. The Lakers and the Cavs are both offering the mid-level exception, but Ariza is unhappy with L.A.'s blasé attitude toward his free agency. Other teams interested include the Rockets, Clippers, Raptors and Blazers.

I hope Trevor doesn't make the wrong decision and not resign with us. If he doesn't resign, I doubt he'll win another ring without us. Also considering, he's one of my favorite players in the NBA. In the words of Big Sean, "We got chemistry to the point we need a beaker". He is a complete player to the game and brings more energy to the team. He may not be the leader, but he is a player that every team would love to have. STAY LA.