Sunday, July 12, 2009

Recession PT.I

My dad and I were chopping it up earlier after we ordered pizza. We decided to order pizza online then picked it up in 2 minutes up the street. It got to the subject where we started talking about how everything is done through the internet. He's a mail carrier and says that the mail decreased and not as much papers to deliver anymore. Most people are now just paying their bills online instead of recieving them the old fashion way. Which leaves my the post office with less work to do.

When I think about it, what can't the internet not provide for us? Google literally answers most questions or problems. Another reason why maybe Blockbuster closed down. Netflix and the other free movies started to take over and only the cheap movie stores are probably still surving. Like the 99 Cent Video around the corner a dollar a movie, can't beat that. I liked Blockbuster though. Renting games and movies late at night gave me that real "I'm a kid" feeling.

Hopefully Obama helps get out of this hole like he promised. I remember I used to get 20$ a week, but nowadays I just let my parents keep it and I just continue to get money my own way. I still continue to buy things if I could haha. It's pretty ironic how when I'd ask for a lot of things when I little and my mom would always say, "One day we might not have jobs and not have money, so you're lucky". I never thought that would actually come true someday. Like anything else just make smart decisions, espically with cheese.


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