Tuesday, July 28, 2009


If they weren't around, our school would probably look like our restrooms. I know the school is always making those annoying announcments about picking up trash, but it's pretty true. I have a tendency of picking up trash and just throwing it in the can. During summer school I watch them clean out every class room from head to toe. The restrooms during summer school are a JOKE. I used to mark up the stalls and restrooms back when I used to write, but kids are throwing the trashcans in the toilets. Like what the fuck? I came to piss in my favorite stall and I find a trash bin. They clean up after EVERYONE. All the trash, shit in the toilet, and piss all over the floor. Janiotrs definitely don't get the same respect as teachers. Sometimes when I pass by them, I see the pain in their eyes cleaning up a bunch of shit on the floor. Good lookin out.


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