Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tattoo Expo.

Last week for my older brother's birthday we went to a tattoo expo to get tatted. Unfortunately, I didn't even though some of the artist were down to. Times are hard $$$ haha. Him, his friends, and cousins did though it was interesting seeing all the other artist and talents out there. The whole convention felt like the heart of LA. Every booth bumping west coast rap and a lot of people inked up.

My cousin came through to say wassup. Everytime I see him he has new art work done on him, but he only goes out to Cincinnati to get done. Probably one of the best tattoos I've seen on someone.

Crooks and Castles.

I'm not the biggest fan of west coast rap, but it was dope seeing some of West Side Connection perform live. I was probably like 6ft away from them. Considering most of the people were from LA everyone was hyped.


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