Wednesday, July 22, 2009

John Jamelske.

I was watching Cold Cases and this man's case caught my attention. He was obducting women off the streets by getting them into his car then forcing them to live in dungeon he built. It disgusts me how people would actually make people live their lives like hell. One lady got into the car and woke up naked, handcuffed in his dungeon in his basement. She was forced to write letters to her family to let them know she's in a rehab or some bullshit. He kept calenders of what sexual activites he did everyday, forced them to have sex everyday or they'd die, and basically be his prisoner. It angers me how people would do this to other people not thinking about how much it'll affect their lives. He was doing this for 15 years and only 5 women came up and told their stories. He even kept one girl in his dungeon for 3 years. As he was being sentenced to his years in prison, he began to cry and said, "I'm sorry. God bless them". I don't think god could forgive someone that cold.


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