Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Since school is over I finally got to take home my sketch book. I paid a 20.00 fee at the beginning of the year for the art class. what the fuck? All I got was a sketchbook, some pencils and letting me use all of her markers in class. I used about 20 pages out of 200 in the book. Now I could actually put it to REAL use. I named my sketch book diary. I always go to it in a good, bad, bored, or any kind of mood I'm in. Drawing a picture or putting letters together expresses creativity and like any other hobby, it's always good to see improvement.

Yessssir. Finally starting to stack back up on new pens and ink. It's always good to have graffiti markers than just black book ones. They come in handy when practicing signatures or just something to slip in your pocket when you head out.

Hm...colors colors colors to choose from. Yeah, I guess you can say I get around.


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