Thursday, July 31, 2008

The perfect pair of pants

My day started out wid my dad and I biking to the bike shop, as usual.I enjoyed my white wall tired, while he was getting his seat post changed to a new one.After his bike was done, we went to Tams to eat a cheeseburger, of course mine had extra onions on it like always.
we went home and drove to Performance Bikes Shop to check out some road/mountain/beach cruiser bikes.It wasn't really my cup of tea for bikes, but it was for my dad and hey bikes are bikes haha.He bought a new carrier,a bag, and a wallet holder.I swear, my dad changes every little part of his bike to a better off market part haha, but fck it im doing that to my bike too, just not everyday like his asss haha.

After the bike shop, we went to the South Coast Plaza bcos i wanted to get a new pair of jeans wid a raw denim look.I spend a good hour and 30 mins or so, trying on all these different pants and couldn't find the perfect one, AH! so I was told my dad to take me to go to Cerritos Mall bcos I forgot I want Kr3ws.While I was in the car I remembered someone saying, "Buy what suits YOU, not what suits EVERYONE ELSE".While I was @ the plaza, I was mostly trying on fitted raw denim colored jeans that weren't as tight as my usual pants, which I don't really often.I spent all that time and didn't find one, but its okay I still like searching and trying new things haha.Then that whole fuck I really Kr3ws came to mind, so anyways back to Cerritos Mall and I saw my fone and said YAAAAAN YAN called.I called her back and just remembered she was probably still here haha.So my dad just left me @ the mall to get picked up later and I hung out wid Abusive Arianne, Nasty Nation, & Authentic Amy.We had a fabulous time walking,talking, and "lifting" ;) .They took the bus to eat at MY seceret korean resturaunt, and used MY sceret bus taking method hahaa rebels.Oh yeah, I didn't even buy a pair of pants, but its okay another day another dollah.
They just didn't give me a spark I was looking for still.

Nasty Nation & Authentic Amy

Abusive or Astro Arianne

Thanks for the Glasses Nation *wink

Mrs. and Mr.Mucio


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Yeah I did 5.6, I was standing in class talking and had a sense it ws a earthquake, but thot it ws a truck outside.Then the second time it was stronger and I fuckin dropped under the desk, first time ever feeling a real one haha.After school my dad and I went to Frank's and got my new white wall tires.

After the bike shop, I got dropped off @ Ghar where YO!set + Vivian + Anthony(new YO!set) watched Two-Bit and Lian play.After the game we walked from Ghar to Liberty Park for the AYEE!set kickback and came all super early before everyone else.We were hanging out in the riverbed, Molina and Michelle? were there too.Riverbed lovinnnn is always fun, puttin Anthony on the set haha.The kickback was pretty chill, drama happened and ended the kickback.Went to Kaycee's block where everyone was to get picked up and talked on a curve wid the YO!set.It was a good day.

Official YO!set put on, gotta jump over the sewer hole/pass way.
Ready for take off
HE MADE IT!!!Don't let us catch you slippin cos this is what you land in aha."Dried Oatmeal alrite"
Notice the guy's bike is on the floor, dumbass was riding literally on the edge of the water and fell in HAHA.
what it dooo, YO!SET
Anthony soon to be NEW! recruit, welcome =)


Monday, July 28, 2008


After summer school I went to Yan Yan's house and ate @ In n Out.When we were done eating and talking, I taught her how to ride me on the pegs haha.It was easier than she thot it would be just like I told her, now her fatassss can ride me everywhere =) I dropped her off @ her grandma's house around 3 something.After seeing Yan Yan, I stopped by Frank's Bike Shop on my way home to see if my dad was there, which he wasn't.When I got home, my dad and I ordered me a backpack @ the BMW dealer, then ate @ Tams where we signed up for a video account next door so now I can provide the movies when YO! set kicks it and says "someone bring a movie" aha.We went back home and rode our bikes to Frank's Bikes where my dad put more stuff onto his bike.I met some some guy Spike that was OBSESSED with his Quadangle, the same bike as mine.That nga has a life story about every little thing he'd say about his bike, literally.Doesn't stop talking about bikes.To end the night I jogged 5 round around the baseball fields at the park for a good 20 mins.Love you Dad,Arianne Mucio,Bike, and Sidekick LX.

I know the set hasn't been doing much together this summer, my bad.August, were gna go all out all day everyday you guys no homo.
Yea Eeka is tight.Even tho some Ayee!set it doo doo, shes still tighhhht haha.
One of my new friends Amy.."GAAAAAYMEH" aha.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

"Is he Rollin?....Nah He just likes the lights" lmao

Yesterday, I finally I cut the top of my hair off.I haven't cut it since spring break, sometimes I miss it cos it was long and went wid my tail,able to sleek back, and could be spiked tall, but it was too hot for summer and couldn't wear any of my hats widout sweating.That night I went to Liberty Park for Kaycee and Alannuh's kick back.It was chill, everyone was rolling so everyone was doin the funniest shit ever haha.YO!set,Bianca, and Kaycee had some bonding time in the river bed laying down, singing "the look" no homo ahhaa.While we were chilling in the riverbed, some guy in a cowboy hat and shirt that went up to his belly button stopped on his bike and ws asking for a cig in exchange for bud? haha anyways this nga was saying he ws "biker bill" and he used to catch animals on channel PBS and found 5 punds of weed? haha like I guess so.Last night was fun, $oda slept over my house and said I was hugging his feet when he woke up? Fuck! his fatfeet haha.Oh yeah the meaning to the title of this blog was bcos people were giving people that were rollin light shows, and this girl ws calling kaycee over and this nga sodapop runs over and laysdown infront of her before anyone and act like he knocked out, then shes like "Is he rollin? kaycee:nahhh..he just like the lights hahaha" then i layed down to watch the lights and all i hear is kaycee gettin scared and jason gettin "scared" tooo LMAO.Sodapop you're a funny one lol.
Today, my brother, my mom and I went to her work for a bbq.I thought it was gna be kinna whack, but it turned out to be fun haha.The food was good, it wasn't hot, and I had alot of fun gettin tatted.I asked for a pink/red ribbon on my neck, and the fucking clown says:"This is Clown town, not gang town" in a happy way and shit I was like man fuck this! got up and went back to my seat lol.whatttttta insult.I got over it and and got my face painted tho =)

Meet my worst fear, literally.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Notes on a Scandal

After summer school I went to In n Out and ate my 2 double doubles wid extra onions wid Yaaan Yan.It was hot as fuck, so when this old lady got up to order something else we got up and swooped up on her table in the shade.I could see @ the corner of my eye that she ws pointing at us haha.Then she came back ws like i was still sitting here but its okay, i ws like mhm whatevaaaa.Then some 2 old guys come sit behind us on the table lmao."We can sit wid this lovely couple" I dgaf cos I was amd cos I got up to get the table and she thru her shit on it right when i got up.old fart bastard aha.Then she came back and ws like WTF? that ws my seat in the shade..=( and they were oh sorry we thot it ws their table.Luckily, we were leaving.those 2 old guys gave her the seat back where she was sitting, but one of em sat like right next to her haha.bitch was flamed kept getting swooped on haha.After, we went to Fresh and Easy to buy gum.Picked up Nation @ after school and went to Carls Jr, and she ordered that new terrible Prime Rib burger (I didn't tell her it sucked) then she hated it hahaa.she ws like i really wanted to try sucks..i ws like oh yeah i forgot to tell you ahha.We were in this dilema on where to go after for 15 mins, ended up picking Nation's house.Nga tried tricking us on going allll the way to bike store near her house, but she couldn't out smart me cos I know my streets too well and ws like NOPE! were going down this street i know ur lil trick ur trying to pull u fuck! haha and then we woulda spent and extra 15 mins walking down a st we didnt have to walk down.When we got to her house we watched Notes on a Scandal for 2 hrs..Just the scenes.For the people that haven't seen Notes on a Scandal heres a long story short.15 Year old wants to have sex wid his teacher and his teacher ws interested in doing it too, so they had an affair wid eachother and she ws married wid kids.BUT there ws another teacher that hated alot of people cos she wsnt a human person so she is blackmailing the new teacher to be her "girlfriend" cos the old teacher is a lesbo and if she doesnt stay wid her she'll tell what shes doing, and one day she told and got in trouble and such and thats all I know.BUT we watched the same as 3 or 4 scenes for a good 2 hrs watching the kid and teacher have sex behind a bunch of trains wid clothes on.LOL thats all that was playing on the tv.Around 6, I left to 2-Bit and Lian's practice where YO!set chilled after and spent time wid eachother like always.$odapop went home, and us three shared 2 sausages and rice and a little mini pizza together having our eating session, bcos were trying to be healthy haha.To end the night, we kicked @ the YO!set "spot" where we bonded =) Love YO!set no homo ever and Yaaaan Yan.

Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm back foreal this time

Its been another hot minute since I've updated, but im blogging everyday now, seriously haha.So Last Friday, I was going to watch Dark Knight wid YO! set, but I got in trouble.Bcos Thursday I didn't go to class and the DUMBASSES that sit near me tried covering for me saying "he has a family thing, hes going to be layte.." when I kept txting back IM NOT COMING , and his dumb ass kept saying WHEN ARE U COMING?!? like 50 million times like wtf my ngggga, im trying to spend time wid my bayybeh and Amy while they do their nails and watch the movie hanging with the Homeboys.UGGGGG, they'd only have to cover for me if I sed IM COMING LAYTE.then my teacher really thot i was coming.Then I guess the next day he made a personal fone call to my parents asking if there really was, cos i guess he ws js making sure cos he ws marking me present then they found out i didn't go to class and got super flamed when it ws my first time i was absent and i got like a week left of school =(.I stayed home Friday and got my LX taken away for the night I was saaaaad =(.I asked those kids that sit by me today and it was exactle how i thot it ws said i ws coming layte, jackasses now i gotta kick their asses lmao.Oh yeah and the last day of school, The school called saying i didnt show up and my dad got flamed..why woould they call? its the last day lmao.

Saturday, I went to a fam party and walked around Old Pasadena, down the strip.That night Sam and I were supposed to go to some kickback, but it cancelled by the time we got there, so we hung wid HotbOyz then I went home @ 11:30.

Sunday, I went to a family party to celebrate 3 birthdays, shyt was crackin.I saw some of my cousins that I haven't seen in a while and we all bonded wid eachother, which was nice.

Today, I hung out wid Arianne after summer school =) I came to her house and we chilled inside for a good hr.I took her to our seceret Korean Resturaunt and we cooked Bulgoki, which was better than our trays we buy haha.After, We went to Target and got me some face wash bcos my skin is too sensitive for the bar soap and got the 1$ Pantene mini's cos I didnt have enuff money for the big one lmao.Then we went to Bath and Body Works, where we wash our hands witht he special scrub and put on lip gloss..k no homo haha.Then we met up wid Soda Pop and hugn out wid that ngaaa, sorta.He was ashamed to be around me cos I was wearing lip gloss =( lol, not my fault its so refreshing haha.Nga kept saying take it off!! stop perking them @ me!!! haha.Saw Danika and Kathleen there too.My bayyybeh bought me Yogurtland cos i was hottter than a mutha effA.I rode up that big ass hill on South St TWICE, wid someone on the pegs haha.At the end of the day we went to Liberty Park where I pushed her on the swings,ran from a beatle, and sat in the shade under a tree =) My day was 10/10=FABULOUS like always wid her yaknow! & we took a polaroid picture where I'll place right next to my door wid all my other few pictures haha.Love you ButtttButttttt =)