Saturday, July 26, 2008

"Is he Rollin?....Nah He just likes the lights" lmao

Yesterday, I finally I cut the top of my hair off.I haven't cut it since spring break, sometimes I miss it cos it was long and went wid my tail,able to sleek back, and could be spiked tall, but it was too hot for summer and couldn't wear any of my hats widout sweating.That night I went to Liberty Park for Kaycee and Alannuh's kick back.It was chill, everyone was rolling so everyone was doin the funniest shit ever haha.YO!set,Bianca, and Kaycee had some bonding time in the river bed laying down, singing "the look" no homo ahhaa.While we were chilling in the riverbed, some guy in a cowboy hat and shirt that went up to his belly button stopped on his bike and ws asking for a cig in exchange for bud? haha anyways this nga was saying he ws "biker bill" and he used to catch animals on channel PBS and found 5 punds of weed? haha like I guess so.Last night was fun, $oda slept over my house and said I was hugging his feet when he woke up? Fuck! his fatfeet haha.Oh yeah the meaning to the title of this blog was bcos people were giving people that were rollin light shows, and this girl ws calling kaycee over and this nga sodapop runs over and laysdown infront of her before anyone and act like he knocked out, then shes like "Is he rollin? kaycee:nahhh..he just like the lights hahaha" then i layed down to watch the lights and all i hear is kaycee gettin scared and jason gettin "scared" tooo LMAO.Sodapop you're a funny one lol.
Today, my brother, my mom and I went to her work for a bbq.I thought it was gna be kinna whack, but it turned out to be fun haha.The food was good, it wasn't hot, and I had alot of fun gettin tatted.I asked for a pink/red ribbon on my neck, and the fucking clown says:"This is Clown town, not gang town" in a happy way and shit I was like man fuck this! got up and went back to my seat lol.whatttttta insult.I got over it and and got my face painted tho =)

Meet my worst fear, literally.

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Anonymous said...

this nigga
You always do the weirdest shiit
Even back in the 5th.

Noel From KSET. :P