Monday, July 28, 2008


After summer school I went to Yan Yan's house and ate @ In n Out.When we were done eating and talking, I taught her how to ride me on the pegs haha.It was easier than she thot it would be just like I told her, now her fatassss can ride me everywhere =) I dropped her off @ her grandma's house around 3 something.After seeing Yan Yan, I stopped by Frank's Bike Shop on my way home to see if my dad was there, which he wasn't.When I got home, my dad and I ordered me a backpack @ the BMW dealer, then ate @ Tams where we signed up for a video account next door so now I can provide the movies when YO! set kicks it and says "someone bring a movie" aha.We went back home and rode our bikes to Frank's Bikes where my dad put more stuff onto his bike.I met some some guy Spike that was OBSESSED with his Quadangle, the same bike as mine.That nga has a life story about every little thing he'd say about his bike, literally.Doesn't stop talking about bikes.To end the night I jogged 5 round around the baseball fields at the park for a good 20 mins.Love you Dad,Arianne Mucio,Bike, and Sidekick LX.

I know the set hasn't been doing much together this summer, my bad.August, were gna go all out all day everyday you guys no homo.
Yea Eeka is tight.Even tho some Ayee!set it doo doo, shes still tighhhht haha.
One of my new friends Amy.."GAAAAAYMEH" aha.


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