Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Notes on a Scandal

After summer school I went to In n Out and ate my 2 double doubles wid extra onions wid Yaaan Yan.It was hot as fuck, so when this old lady got up to order something else we got up and swooped up on her table in the shade.I could see @ the corner of my eye that she ws pointing at us haha.Then she came back ws like i was still sitting here but its okay, i ws like mhm whatevaaaa.Then some 2 old guys come sit behind us on the table lmao."We can sit wid this lovely couple" I dgaf cos I was amd cos I got up to get the table and she thru her shit on it right when i got up.old fart bastard aha.Then she came back and ws like WTF? that ws my seat in the shade..=( and they were oh sorry we thot it ws their table.Luckily, we were leaving.those 2 old guys gave her the seat back where she was sitting, but one of em sat like right next to her haha.bitch was flamed kept getting swooped on haha.After, we went to Fresh and Easy to buy gum.Picked up Nation @ after school and went to Carls Jr, and she ordered that new terrible Prime Rib burger (I didn't tell her it sucked) then she hated it hahaa.she ws like i really wanted to try sucks..i ws like oh yeah i forgot to tell you ahha.We were in this dilema on where to go after for 15 mins, ended up picking Nation's house.Nga tried tricking us on going allll the way to bike store near her house, but she couldn't out smart me cos I know my streets too well and ws like NOPE! were going down this street i know ur lil trick ur trying to pull u fuck! haha and then we woulda spent and extra 15 mins walking down a st we didnt have to walk down.When we got to her house we watched Notes on a Scandal for 2 hrs..Just the scenes.For the people that haven't seen Notes on a Scandal heres a long story short.15 Year old wants to have sex wid his teacher and his teacher ws interested in doing it too, so they had an affair wid eachother and she ws married wid kids.BUT there ws another teacher that hated alot of people cos she wsnt a human person so she is blackmailing the new teacher to be her "girlfriend" cos the old teacher is a lesbo and if she doesnt stay wid her she'll tell what shes doing, and one day she told and got in trouble and such and thats all I know.BUT we watched the same as 3 or 4 scenes for a good 2 hrs watching the kid and teacher have sex behind a bunch of trains wid clothes on.LOL thats all that was playing on the tv.Around 6, I left to 2-Bit and Lian's practice where YO!set chilled after and spent time wid eachother like always.$odapop went home, and us three shared 2 sausages and rice and a little mini pizza together having our eating session, bcos were trying to be healthy haha.To end the night, we kicked @ the YO!set "spot" where we bonded =) Love YO!set no homo ever and Yaaaan Yan.

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