Thursday, July 31, 2008

The perfect pair of pants

My day started out wid my dad and I biking to the bike shop, as usual.I enjoyed my white wall tired, while he was getting his seat post changed to a new one.After his bike was done, we went to Tams to eat a cheeseburger, of course mine had extra onions on it like always.
we went home and drove to Performance Bikes Shop to check out some road/mountain/beach cruiser bikes.It wasn't really my cup of tea for bikes, but it was for my dad and hey bikes are bikes haha.He bought a new carrier,a bag, and a wallet holder.I swear, my dad changes every little part of his bike to a better off market part haha, but fck it im doing that to my bike too, just not everyday like his asss haha.

After the bike shop, we went to the South Coast Plaza bcos i wanted to get a new pair of jeans wid a raw denim look.I spend a good hour and 30 mins or so, trying on all these different pants and couldn't find the perfect one, AH! so I was told my dad to take me to go to Cerritos Mall bcos I forgot I want Kr3ws.While I was in the car I remembered someone saying, "Buy what suits YOU, not what suits EVERYONE ELSE".While I was @ the plaza, I was mostly trying on fitted raw denim colored jeans that weren't as tight as my usual pants, which I don't really often.I spent all that time and didn't find one, but its okay I still like searching and trying new things haha.Then that whole fuck I really Kr3ws came to mind, so anyways back to Cerritos Mall and I saw my fone and said YAAAAAN YAN called.I called her back and just remembered she was probably still here haha.So my dad just left me @ the mall to get picked up later and I hung out wid Abusive Arianne, Nasty Nation, & Authentic Amy.We had a fabulous time walking,talking, and "lifting" ;) .They took the bus to eat at MY seceret korean resturaunt, and used MY sceret bus taking method hahaa rebels.Oh yeah, I didn't even buy a pair of pants, but its okay another day another dollah.
They just didn't give me a spark I was looking for still.

Nasty Nation & Authentic Amy

Abusive or Astro Arianne

Thanks for the Glasses Nation *wink

Mrs. and Mr.Mucio


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