Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Yeah I did 5.6, I was standing in class talking and had a sense it ws a earthquake, but thot it ws a truck outside.Then the second time it was stronger and I fuckin dropped under the desk, first time ever feeling a real one haha.After school my dad and I went to Frank's and got my new white wall tires.

After the bike shop, I got dropped off @ Ghar where YO!set + Vivian + Anthony(new YO!set) watched Two-Bit and Lian play.After the game we walked from Ghar to Liberty Park for the AYEE!set kickback and came all super early before everyone else.We were hanging out in the riverbed, Molina and Michelle? were there too.Riverbed lovinnnn is always fun, puttin Anthony on the set haha.The kickback was pretty chill, drama happened and ended the kickback.Went to Kaycee's block where everyone was to get picked up and talked on a curve wid the YO!set.It was a good day.

Official YO!set put on, gotta jump over the sewer hole/pass way.
Ready for take off
HE MADE IT!!!Don't let us catch you slippin cos this is what you land in aha."Dried Oatmeal alrite"
Notice the guy's bike is on the floor, dumbass was riding literally on the edge of the water and fell in HAHA.
what it dooo, YO!SET
Anthony soon to be NEW! recruit, welcome =)


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