Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Summer line of Hundreds is here!

This Friday I watched Forbidden Kingdom with my babeeeehhh, it was a pretty cool movie.Iron Man was tooo packeddd.After we walked and went to her friend Leany's house and they talked about the guy that loves to masterbathe..i know [square], i walked her home after it was a good night.Since I haven't seen her for like 2 weeks.Saturday afternoon i skated allll the way to Lakewood to see babeeehhh again.We sat and talked in a parking lot and made up our new hug haha.Where I bend down shorter than her to hug her so shes the tall one :) i know were fucking cute huh ahaa.After, she went to Chowdah's house and i skated to Soda's.We went to the mall to pass out RSWD flyers and promote.when we were done we skated to Ohana and went back to my house after, where he was supposed to go somewhere, but fell asleep on the fone.dummmassss.Sunday I went to Rosewood to model the New Hundreds we got in and that was pretty much my weekend.It was a good one i love you Rissa.

If any of you guys use aim during the day leave your sn, hittt me on tha kick.

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