Monday, May 26, 2008

4 day weekend

Thursday was suppppppppper tight.Rissa and I spent the whole day together afterschool @ my house watching vampire movies haha, but she left @ like 3 in the morning.Friday night was kind of a skunk day.YO! set went with Tommy to get his Yogurtland and we sat with eCaCa eating yogurt.After that he dropped us off at my house and didn't have shit to do so we went back to Sam's house where we did nothing at all cos his mom kicked us out the house.Jason Slept over my house.Saturday, I went to go watch Indiana Jones with YO!set At Lakewood Theaters.The movie was aiiiiiiite, but it took a million yrs to end.Sunday I spent the day @ my aunt's house where we had a bbq.I played basketball with my cousins and dad, after watched the lakers was suuuper, I got to hang out with RissaFnbaybee the whole day.This morning we got Yogurtland, then went around stores looking for a dress, but ended up not buying one so she'll go with her sister.We ate @ Red Robin where we played footsies with her Gladiator sandals aha.We bought some new shades,a rockstar,degree deoderant,shorts/underwear, and a Hundreds you babeeeh.This weekend wasn't bad, but coulda been better.

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