Monday, May 12, 2008

suprise suprise!!!

Today I was at home boreeed outta my mind so I fell asleep.Rissa kept calling me on my fone and we'd talk for a lil.I remember she said, cheyenne brot her ps3 to her house and played gta IV.i know kinna awkward for a girl to bring a system all the way to a houe right? haha.around 4:30ish i ksated to Rosewood cos there wasn't shit to do.Meeting started around 5ish and i was talking to Dominick and Ralph about shoes and phones.Just before the meeting starts I see the YO! set and Rissa come thru the door a lil late..i look and im like ?!??!! is that my rissa?!? ahha.i was in the bigggest shock of my life, i had to do push ups with them still cos she was my girlfriend.Bastards! but its okay haha.I didn't expect seeing her at all at the meeting today haha i didn't know what to say i was still in kinna shock like shes really next to me feeling? for like a good 10mins of the meeting haha.It turns out she planned it the whole day, which turned out successful haha.She met up with Sodapop and went w/him home, they both went to Two-Bits house for like an hour or so, then Napolian picked them up and drove to Rosewood.And this all happened while I was sleeping and bored by myself at the shop..complete clueless haha.It was a goood feeling of her coming to suprise me, and even better that YO!set helped out haha.Sodapop brought her to Bellflower,Two-Bit kept them at his house, and Napolian picked them up, damn i felt special today ahha.I guess cos nobody ever came to suprise me before cept for the guys wen they scared me at the door ahaa.I fucking love YO! set no homo they got my back haha i feel like i owe them something, and which i will! haha and I love Rissa of course for wanting to come and visit me unexpectedly =) it was a gooood day.I didn't ball with the guys after cos Rissa and I went back to my house where we had a marvelous time watching music vids and wrestling over her camera haha.Anyways, News from the meeting today is that YO!set is gna be in a team of 4 or 5 promoting the shop all everyday with Napolian the driver hitting up everywherrrrre plus colleges! ahah i love you guys=)

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