Saturday, March 22, 2008


School is finally out, FUCK school.Just got the Kid Robot Design in my head with a mohawk.Came to school and got alotta compliments and told them to go to rosewood.2nd Period teacher sent me up to the office for the design, but they were just telling me cut off the top of my mohawk off by next Mon, bt i dont care abt the top cept my tail.FUCK that santa clause looking mothafucka in my 2nd period.btw, Kid Robot is coming to Rosewood Royale soooooooon.My first day of Spring break was good.I watched that Horton movie with Rissa, Then went back to my house to watch American Gangster.We fell asleep on my bed for abt 2 hrs and woke up @ 2.My mom was tripping out cos she was thinking her parents were gna be looking for her and gna hate me so we gave her a ride home cos her ride was taking awhile.It was a good night. I love you Rissa.

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