Sunday, May 16, 2010

Love Story.

Now baby your the truth so I'm just being honest
You treat me like a king so that's why your my highness
That means queen
Seems I known you for the longest
Funny how we conneteced on the low like vonage
And I kno it ain't as deep as it could be
Or as it would be but that's how it should be
Cause overtime we gonna be fine like wine
I never put another ova mine
See difference between you and them is they just wanna shine and
Well you
You just want shine
So tell mama sandy, mama myra and that family
That when I get that grammy, they gon' be a granny
And if I see that reaper b4 you see that reaper
Just kno I love you every time you hear me thru them speakers and I'ant tryna blow your head up like reefa but we got chemistry to the point we need a



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