Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Car broke down

Today I went to Two-Bit's house to see Soda's new dog, Pooches.
Tommy and I had a fun time playing wid Pooches, well at least she did haha.
The guys were playing some Madden 09 while we played with Pooches, and Tommy texting all of our friends on our fones ahaha.
Robert left to his appt for his job after playing Madden, then called Tommy saying his car broke down.So after dropping off Tommy's friend we came to rescue to keep him company on the side of the 710 haha.
SketchpadxYO!setxHotboyzxhes a hood hopper haha
After all of that stress, yet fun "blogging" wid Tommy, we came back to Two-Bit's to play some chess.
Seceretly took a picture of Tommy.YES! another victim, im putting everyone back in my heroes on myspace haha.Tommy is my 4th and cutest one ;)
I think Sodapop had a little bit more fun with the dog than Tommy and I haha.
Ponyboy or Two-Bit? Who's the cutest YO!SET?
PONYBOY? what? yeaaaaah PONYBOY
TWO-BIT? who? NEVAH haha.
Two-Bit was supposed to go hangout wid some of his friends from Cerritos that we weren't "invited to" so he had to lie lmao.We all ended up balling at Mayfair Park, thing is when we got there weren't any lights.So we played 1 game and started arguing about where to play, and its Jason's fault, and how are we all going to fit in the car.In the end I dropped Lian and Jason back home and I picked up my bike @ Two-Bit's and raced my paren'ts back home haha.Lost by a minute =( oh well.Lets ride! Today was a good day YAY! I got another sleeping picture, this time wid Tommy YAY! tommorow see my bayybeh YAY! and on Friday I'm turning another 15 YAY!


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