Sunday, June 21, 2009

Andy's Shinding.

The guys and I all went to Andy's shinding for his birthday at his house today. Had a some laughs at the table and just lounged. Played a little 2k9 in his room, while some of us bombed his board.

Hot Boy Robert in his Enjoi tee made by me. Ponyboy with his red hair made by Hot Boy Robert.

We made our way around the block to Two Bit's house to go hoop. Just because we're hoopers always feen'in to hoop I guess. The birthday boy Andeeezy mean muggin it.

Yessir Dedan the man was ballin up as well. You know he had to spit some words and recite a few poems haha.

Be sure to keep up with Deezy's blog as well.


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