Sunday, June 21, 2009

New/Up Coming Clothing Brands.

I find most new/up coming clothing brands very annoying. I hardly ever see brands now a days with any originality. It goes from one same design then there next design will just have a little spice from the previous one and then make a bunch of colorways thinking they will all sell. It's kind of annoying when they try promoting it, but I mean it's hard to get people to buy or get it out there because it's not anything we've seen before. For example most of the shirts off of The brands may not be new, but damn how many shirts do people have to make that always has to deal with shoes.
"King" of Kicks woooo. Oh cement print inside the crown..I've never seen that before.

Dumb slogan. comment

Nothing against new/up coming brands because I plan on starting mine soon and I know everyone else has the same passion for clothes. So I'm all for aspiring brands and people willing to put their time and effort to do so. It's just it wouldn't hurt to try and be a bit different and not bite off everything else dope you see. When Rosewood had our booth at World of Dance there was one building for the stage and the other was for booths of clothes and a couple of stages for performances. As I walked around the booths, there were a lot of up and coming brands people started. I noticed I saw a lot of the same styles of tees. I figured no wondered they're only 12.00, but hey that how it is first when starting off for the first time. Over time progress will be made..well hopefully.


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