Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Science Fair.

Damon and I were partner for our science fair. Our science fair was based on testing our heart rate when watching 3 different genre of movies and test which one would speed up our heart rate the most. Our hypothesis was it would be Horror, but it was actually comedy. We watched 40 Year Old Virgin, Silence of the Lamb, and The Notebook. I could understand why 40 Year Old Virgin won though, that movie had me laughing the whole time. This was all done in 2 days. Damon helped me brain storm the project, while I myself drew up, cut everything and basically re wrote our paragraphs. We got a B+. I was fucking proud of my project at the end for how much effort I spent on it and it made the sci fair.

Oh yeah another memorable thing about this project beside last min procrastination success was when we experienced the earthquake together. I saw death written all over Damon's face.


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