Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ya'll make it rain, I make it pour.

Yesterday was the driest Friday yet this year, but the wettest one at the same time. Even my Aim Buddy List was dead. My mom and I went on a date after school to pay some bills last minute and eat out at Red Robin. When we came home we all went straight to the chapel where my cousins fiance, Marcus, body was at. After, I got dropped off at Two-Bits pad where I was supposed to play my favorite game Grand Theft Auto 4, but those assholes kept playing Call of Duty. I didn't get to play the game, we ended up kicking it with the Hot Boyz.

We went on a jounrey to AM PM later in the night. Couple of blacks, ding dong ditches, & runaway ditching.

You already know how we do it. Anytime, Anyplace, Any donuts shop we there.


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